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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

Give customized presents from Dubai to make your New Year memorable.

Gift Personalized Gifts Dubai and make your New Year Special

We celebrate special days for two reasons - one to party and the other to exchange gifts. There are different types of gifts that you can give for the New Year celebration. But nothing beats the charm of Personalized Gifts Dubai.

The options are endless when it comes to Personalized Gifts Dubai. From personalised jewellery to bags and phone covers, there is a wide variety of Personalized Gifts Dubai to choose from. 

How to send personalized Gifts Dubai Online for New Year?

Several online shops offer Personalised Gifts Dubai Online. First, you should decide on the type of gift to provide. Flowers make a perfect gift as you can customise the arrangement with the flowers and other decor items of your choice. 

Once you have decided on the type and arrangement of flowers you want to send as Personalized Gifts Dubai Online, you should create an account on the online shop. This helps you keep track of the order and make the necessary changes in future. 

As mentioned earlier, you can select any flower as Personalized Gifts Dubai Online. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose from Birthday flowers, Luxury flowers, or Love Flowers. You can then add more flowers or take out a few flowers from the arrangement as per your choice. You can also add chocolates, cakes, cookies or any other complementary gifts of your choice and customise them.  

Once you have customised the order, you can add it to the cart. You should then specify the date and time of delivery so that the flowers will be sent to the right place without fail. Most online flower shops accept different modes of payment. From cash on delivery to digital transactions like credit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal, you can select any payment option as per your choice. 

Best Personalized Baby Gifts Dubai Online from 800 Flower

Let us look at a few of the Personalised Baby Gifts you can give new parents. 

  • Little Princess in a Box - This flower arrangement for a baby girl comes with pink roses, filler flowers, a teddy bear, chocolates and a baby girl topper beautifully arranged in a white box. You can make Personalised Baby Gifts for a baby boy by changing the flowers and other decor pieces. White roses, blue balloons, and a baby boy topper make this a customised piece of flower arrangement.
  • Prince Charming Vase Arrangement - This flower arrangement has off-white roses, blue hydrangeas and a baby boy topper beautifully arranged in a clear glass vase. You can convert it into Personalized Baby Gifts for a baby girl by adding pink hydrangeas, pink roses and a baby girl topper.
  • Graceful purity - Baby girl flower box package - This is a large box arrangement of pink and peach-coloured roses and other beautiful filler flowers. Pink balloons and a white teddy bear with a pink ribbon add to the charm of this arrangement. You can customise this arrangement by replacing pink roses with off-white roses and blue filler flowers. Blue balloon and baby boy topper complete the look of the flower arrangement.
  • Vivid Youth Box Arrangement - This is a beautiful arrangement of gypsum flowers in a box. The peculiarity of this arrangement is that it contains pink, blue, yellow and green gypsum flowers. You can customise this arrangement by adding a baby boy or girl topper.

In addition to the above arrangement, you can also purchase any other flower bouquet and add exotic flowers like orchids and indoor plants like bonsai to customise it.


The new year is all about merry-making. Make this new year extra special by gifting personalised gifts. For all kinds of personalised gifts and flowers, visit  


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