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What To Do With Dead Flowers: 15+ Ways To Repurpose A Flower Bouquet

Receiving a fresh flower bouquet is such a refreshing and beautiful gift, especially getting it from someone special. These tend to brighten up your days and make you happy. Sadly, they don't last forever. In fact, within a few days, it loses its freshness, eventually leading to you ending up having a bouquet of dead flowers and not knowing what to do with it. Mostly, people tend to throw it, even though they often have significant meaning and memory associated with it. 

Yellow white roses dead flower

Fortunately, you don't have to throw it. There is more than one way to keep or repurpose them, and we will enlist all those ways to repurpose the flower bouquets if you're wondering what to do with the dead flowers. 

15+ Ways To Repurpose Dead Flowers and Bouquets 

Here are some unique methods to repurpose dead flowers, bouquets, or other floral arrangements. Some of these are simple and direct use, while others might demand some creative input. 

You Can Frame Them 

Colorful dried flowers have their charm, which, if you're fond of, you can always place them in a picture frame or a shadow box to display in your home. To do this, you must first press the flowers by putting them between the pages of any heavy book and then placing more heavy books on top of that one. 

Within a few weeks, your dead flowers will be dried entirely and flattened for preservation. You can make a visual keepsake out of it, especially if flowers are given on a particular occasion or by someone special. 

You Can Create A Wall Art 

Get crafty and evoke your artsy side to make a one-of-a-kind unique wall art using dead flowers. Again, you need to first press them, and then rearrange them on a canvas to create imagery or scenery out of it. Alternatively, you can also just put the dried flowers in a pattern directly onto your wall using an adhesive.

You Can Make A Scented Room Spray

Create your own custom room spray using dried flowers, alcohol, and essential oils. Put them into a nice aesthetic bottle, and you can either use it as a display or spray it into your room with your favorite fragrance. This can also be a great personalized gift to someone

You Can Make A Pressed Flower Art 

Just like wall art, you can use the old and dead flowers to craft a unique pressed flower art to put on display at your home or even gift someone. For this, you have to place the flowers in the center of the hardcover book's pages. Stack it with more books on the top for a week or two. Remove the paper towels and flowers from the book. Choose a cardstock and coat it evenly with a decoupage glue. Now, you can arrange the pressed flowers on the glue surface. Go as creative as it gets! You can hang this at your wall or give it to a friend or loved one as a gift. 

You Can Make A Homemade Potpourri 

To craft something extremely simple and cost-effective, the best idea is to use your dead flower to make a DIY potpourri. This is one of those ideal repurpose scenarios where flowers retain their shape and even color after drying out. 

So what you need to do is dry out all the flowers for a couple of days, mix them up with a drop of essential oils such as lavender or rose oil, then bake this mixture for a few hours. 

You Can Create Flower Petal Beads 

People who are fond of crafting jewelry from different types of things at home will love this use of dead flowers. Cook the petals in a saucepan with water; upon doing it for a long time, you will get a sort of flower petal clay that can be molded into beads. Using this, you can create a wearable keepsake to have with you, especially if the flowers are meant to be given to you by someone special in your life. 

You Can Make A Floral Surface Cleaner 

If you like to make homemade products like bathing salts, scrubs, and home cleaning products with all natural items, then there is a great use of dried flowers for you. You can make a floral surface cleaner out of your dead flower bouquets. 

All you have to do is mix water, distilled white vinegar, your favorite essential oils, and dried flowers into a spray bottle and use them to clean your house for a great fragrance. 

You Can Make Candles 

Candles are great for adding coziness, warmth, and luxury to any space. And crafting one yourself with a special twist of dried flowers gives you something else altogether. You can use the dried flowers to add to your wax for a flowery visual appeal. Add fragrance oils to that, and you will have these scented homemade candles. Make sure to dry your flowers entirely before adding them to the candle wax. 

You Can Make Homemade Dried Flower Body Scrub

Use the dried flower buds and petals to add to your favorite bath salts. You can make a homemade all-natural body scrub using flower petals, Epsom salts, sea salts, and baking soda. 

You Can Make a DIY Ombre Light Feature 

Another creative DIY method to repurpose dead flowers is crafting a DIY Ombre light feature. You can use a clear fishing line, thread, or rope and hang the dried flowers from tacks or command hooks. You can use various decorative items to create a visual appeal to it and hang it on your wall for improved interior decor. 

You Can Add Them To Your Phone Case 

Get a custom floral phone case, which you can craft yourself using the dead flowers in the bouquet. The simple one is to go for the clear cell phone cases, where all you have to do is place the dried flowers inside the case in a particular pattern and lock your cell phone in place. Make sure it is visually appealing and complements the color and look of your phone. 

You Can Make Bath Products 

Are you fond of luxury baths? And then you have your dead flower bouquets. You can use those dead flowers to make bath bombs or other bath products to elevate your bathing experience. You might think they must be challenging to make. On the contrary, they are quite easy and fun. And the best part is that numerous recipes are available online where you need only a couple of ingredients and some time, and you get handcraft, homemade bath products using your own dried flowers. 

To make a floral bath salt, mix 1 cup of Epsom salt, 1 cup of dead sea salt, and 1/2 cup baking soda in a jar or bowl. Mix it well. Add your dried flower petals or buds to the mixture. You can also add your favorite essential oil to it as well. And you get your floral bath salt ready! 

You Can Use Flowers For Gift Wrapping

One of the best uses of dried flowers is to add them to the gift wrapping to make it more aesthetic and make it more elegant. You can use other items with it, like ribbons, twines, tissue paper, etc, to create a custom gift wrapping for a special touch. 

You Can Compost Them 

One of the simplest ways to use the dead flowers is to put them into your compost garden. So, without any effort, just put all the flowers at the compost spot, but make sure the flowers you bought are free from harsh fertilizers. This is not just a great environmentally conscious way to use dead flowers; you can also grow your own flower plants if there are seeds. 

You Can Use Them In Your Journal 

If you're into journaling, adding dried flowers to your journal will not just help you preserve the memories related to the flower bouquet but also spruce up your journal. The spot where you put dried flowers on the bouquet, you can write the memories related to it. You can even put loose flowers between the pages of your journal as well. 

You Can Leave Them As Is 

There is an inherent beauty in dead flowers, so one way to repurpose them is to just leave them as they are. You can put them in a flower vase at your home. Dead flowers also can be used to accentuate the interior look of your home. 

Dead Flower
Image Source: WikiMedia

Wrapping Up

You might have been confused about what to do with all those dried flowers and bouquets. Throwing them out does not feel right! 

But all these methods, some simple and creative while others are a bit time-consuming, can help you preserve, reuse, or repurpose your dead flowers in the best way possible. 

Flowers mean a lot for people as they symbolize relationship values and also a moment of special occasions or loved ones. At 800 Flower, we have expert florists offering a versatile range of flower bouquets and other gifting options, which you can explore at our online store. 

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