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50+ Happy Mother's Day Quotes & Messages

No doubt that a mother deserves to be celebrated every day, not just one specific day of the year. Mothers are real-life superheroes who are the symbol of true strength and the epitome of kindness, unconditional love, comfort, guidance, and support offered to us throughout our lives.

No amount of gratitude can fully repay what they do for us. They take care of us, cook delicious meals, emotionally support us, and do a lot. But what we can do is channel all our gratitude, love, and appreciation on Mother's Day.

On this Mother's Day, show her how much you respect her, and tell her "I love you" with a tight hug. To make her feel special and celebrated, we're listing the best collection of the most heartwarming Mother's Day quotes, messages, and wishes.

Happy Mother's Day 2024 Wishes

Here are some of the best hand-picked happy Mother's Day wishes to put on a gift, greeting card, or present with a gift to express how much you appreciate her.

  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, Mom! You're the best mom in the world! I will always remember how you always stood by me, especially in my worst times. I love you the most!

  2. Thank you, Mom, for everything you've done for me! You're the best person in my life. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. The sacrifice you've made, the care and love you showered on us, our family is unparalleled. Happy Mother's Day, my beloved mom!

  4. You hold such a special place in all of our hearts. For all you are, we love you for that!

  5. Happy mother's day, mom! It has been a great journey with you so far! You've seen my life unfold, witnessed me bloom from a young girl to a woman and then to a mother. You always have been there for me as a guiding light, spreading wisdom and love to me.

  6. Mom, you are that glue that holds our family together.

  7. Happy Mother's day, Mom! Thank you for always being there for us! Thank you for always looking after us so well. I know it is not always easy!

  8. Thank you for being someone who I could always look up to, Mum. You're are my hero, my inspiration and my first love!

  9. There is no one like you, Mom! You've been my inspiration all my life. Whatever I do is to make you proud. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  10. Of all the mothers in the world, I'm so grateful that you're mine!

Happy Mother's Day 2024 Messages

Let's look at a couple of the best happy Mother's Day messages that you can put on a greeting card or send her with a gift on this special day.

  1. Mom, you're the best person I know in my life. You're a true inspiration, and I will always be your little one. Happy mother's day, mom!

  2. I'm so proud to be your son, mom! You're my pride!

  3. Mom, your love has shaped me into the person I'm today. Thank you for being my rock for all these years. Your unwavering support and love have been the foundation of my success. Every challenge I've faced, you have been right there, guiding me with wisdom and patience. I can’t imagine my life without your constant presence, and for that, I am so much grateful to you! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Thank you for being the most incredible mother in the world. I feel so happy and lucky being your daughter.

  5. Every day, I am grateful for your love, care and support. Your sacrifices, big and small, have never gone unnoticed. I see you, Mom! You’ve been my biggest cheerleader, always believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I am who I am because of you.

  6. You mean the world to me, Mum! Wishing you Mother's Day for today and always!

  7. My mother is a real superhero! Anything goes wrong in my life; she just sets everything alright with her magic. She does so much, and I never imagined managing all that myself. All I can do is get inspiration from her.

  8. You hold such a special place in my heart. I cannot thank you enough for always being there for me when I need you.

  9. Mom, I'm sorry for all those days I drove you crazy! You were always so patient with me! You're the best mom!

  10. I know I don't say this enough, but let me take a special Mother's Day and say out loud: I love you, Mom! You're the most precious thing in my life.

Happy Mother's Day 2024 Quotes

Let's look at the best quotes on Mother's Day and communicate how you truly love and appreciate her with these quotes from other great personalities.

  •  "I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." - Abraham Lincoln

  • "A mother's love is more beautiful than any fresh flower" - Debashish Mridha

  • "Mothers are like glue. Even when you can't see them, they are still holding the family together " - Susan Gale

  • "Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary – it’s an act of infinite optimism." -Gilda Radner

  • "All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother" - Abraham Lincoln

  • "I believe in the strength and intelligence and sensitivity of women. My mother, my sisters [they] are strong. My mum is a strong woman and I love her for it." -Tom Hiddleston

  • "There is nothing as powerful as a mother's love for her child"- Agatha Christie

  • "Motherhood: All love begins and ends here"- Robert Browning

  • "When your mother asks, ‘Do you want a piece of advice?’ it’s a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway." -Erma Bombeck

Wrapping Up

Express your love, gratitude and care using these heartfelt Happy Mother's Day wishes, messages and quotes. Remember, it doesn't have to be lengthy if you are short on words.

Just wish her the Mother's Day, sharing how much you love her and how other family members love her, see her for her contribution to the family and care for her along with an exquisite bouquet of flowers, chocolates or other gift options from a reputed online gifting brand like 800 Flower.

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