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The Most Expensive Flowers in the World

If you are to name a product that can be used for decoration, gifting, and different types of therapies, the answer would be – Flower. Such is the popularity of flowers that they play a significant role in our life.

Flowers around the world are of different types and varieties. Depending on the species and its availability the cost of flowers also varies. While flowers like the lilies and Hydrangeas costs only a few Dollars, few like the Saffron Crocus and Juliet Rose are way too expensive.

What decides the price of flowers?

The price of flowers is decided taking into consideration various factors

  • Availability: Some flowers like the Kadupul flower blooms only during the night. It fades away before dawn. It is very difficult to pluck these flowers. Because of these reasons the flower is very highly priced. Some variety like the Shenzhen Nongke orchid was artificially developed in a lab. It took almost 8 years to bring the flower to existence. Naturally, the cost of the flower was also very high.
  • Storage requirements: Most of the flowers can strive only in temperatures below 10 degree Celsius. Maintaining the temperature is particularly important when you have to transport flowers like Pansy that grow in a cold climate to a country with a tropical climate. This again increases the cost of the flower.
  • Caring requirements: Some flowers like the marigold require only regular watering and sunlight to grow. But certain flowers like the orchid need more care because of their tender petals and stems. The more the care that is required for the flower, the more expensive it becomes.
  • Transportation cost: In a country like UAE, where most of the flowers are imported, the transportation cost also adds up to the cost of the flower. This again increases the overall price.

Most expensive flowers in the world

Let us have a look at few of the most expensive flowers for weddings and decoration.

Juliet Rose: Juliet rose is one of the rarest forms of rose in the world thus making it one of the most expensive. Available in a variety of colors, they are known for their elegance and blushing beauty. The Juliet Rose is mainly used for the wedding because of their large-headed blooms, volume, texture, and softness.

The cost of Juliet Rose is approximately $15.8 million.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid: This flower is found only in Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia, thus making it a rare flower. Because of its rarity, it is also an expensive flower. The Gold of Kinabalu Orchid, otherwise called the Rothschild’s slipper orchid, is known for its distinctive appearance. The petals of the flower grow horizontally and has strip marks on its surface.

One stem of the Gold of Kinabalu Orchid costs $5000.

Saffron Crocus: The Saffron crocus or Crocus sativus is well known for its filament that grows into saffron. The flower has bright purple petal and a contrasting filament of orangish-yellow thus making it a very beautiful flower. This flower is mostly seen in the Mediterranean and East Asian region.

The Saffron Crocus became expensive mainly because of the saffron derived from it. The Saffron Crocus would cost $6 for ten bulbs.

Tulips: Tulip flower, which is a native of Holland, has a long history. The world came to know of this beautiful flower when the famous botanist Carolus Clusius wrote about it. This has led to a massive demand for Tulip which resulted in Tulip Mania. Though the mania subsided in the later years, Tulips is still considered an exotic flower thus making it very expensive.

Tulips come in a range of colors, and its beauty lies in its half-opened blooms. It costs around $9 for a bunch of 8 flowers.

Red Tulips | 800 Flower Dubai

Gloriosa lily: The Gloriosa lily otherwise called the flame lily resembles a flame and comes with wavy edges and a sharp tip at the end. The flower has six petals that are bright red to orange in color with a yellow base. The Gloriosa lily is found only in South Africa and Asia. The rarity of the flower makes it an expensive one.

The Gloriosa lily would cost $5-$10 for a single vine.

Hydrangea: Native to Southern and Eastern Asia, and the Americas, the Hydrangea comprises of 70-75 species of flowering plants. They are available in a range of colors like white, blue, pink, and purple. When arranged in a luxury flowers box with other expensive flowers like ‘something yella’, the hydrangea make a good gift.

Hydrangeas are expensive and would cost $2 – $4 per stem.

Lily of the Valley | 800 Flower Dubai

Lily of the Valley: The lily of the Valley is well known for its sweet scent and is found mostly in the cool temperate region in Asia and Europe. Because of its sweet smell and rarity, the Lily of the Valley is an expensive flower. The Lily of the valley is bell-shaped and has six petals.

The lily of the Valley costs around $143 per bunch. A bouquet of this flower would cost around $350.

Lisianthus: Lisianthus are small flowers that bloom annually. They grow well in areas with mild summer but requires a lot of care. Thus, they are very expensive. Lisianthus flowers are usually found in cool tones like white and pink, but they are also available in bold colors like purple. The plant usually has a lot of flowers in one stem.

Lisianthus costs around $35 per bundle. But some shopkeepers even sell it for $2-$4 per stem.

Luxury Roses | 800 Flower Dubai

Whatever the price range the flowers fall, make sure that you take good care of it. If you buy expensive flowers in a box, then the florist would have already added the food flower to it.  You just have to keep it in a room with the right temperature.

On the other hand, if you are buying the flowers as a bouquet, then you need to cut the stem and place it in a clean vase with water and flower food. This way you can ensure that the flower stays for a few weeks.

Whether it is the most expensive flowers in the world or cheap ones, the life of flowers depends on how well you take care of it.

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