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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

Send official gifts through shops offering flower delivery in Dubai

Send official gifts through shops offering flowers delivery Dubai

Gifting is a part of the corporate culture. Whether it is a colleague's birthday or anniversary or any special achievement or promotion of a colleague, gifts are provided to celebrate the occasion. Flowers Delivery Dubai is the best way to send some beautiful flowers as gifts to your colleagues. 

The Florist Near Me stocks up on beautiful flowers for various occasions. You can place an online order with the Florist Near Me, ensuring that the bouquets are delivered on time. Since the Florist Near Me stock up on a variety of flowers, you can gift one depending on your budget and preference. 

Order Flowers Dubai same-day delivery for that last-minute celebration

Last-minute celebrations are pretty common in the corporate world. Sometimes it can be your colleague’s birthday or the new-found status of parenthood for a colleague. Whatever it is, every happy event calls for a celebration. Flowers Dubai same-day delivery comes as a boon in such a situation. 

When you order same-day delivery of flowers with florist Dubai, you are assured of prompt service within a few hours of placing the order. Whether it is birthday flowers or luxury flowers, the same will be delivered to your office at the specified time. Do you have a love interest in your office? Do not worry as you can get love flowers also delivered to the office. 

To ensure same day delivery of flowers from florist Dubai, you should place the order before 7pm. This ensures that the florist Dubai can deliver flowers on time. 


Send cakes and flowers delivery Dubai as official gifts for colleagues

Are you looking to gift Cakes and Flowers delivery dubai as gifts for your colleagues? Here are a few wonderful pieces you can select from. 

  • A thousand wishes bouquet

  • This is a beautiful bouquet of pastel pink and dark pink roses from shops offering Cakes and Flowers delivery Dubai. This is a large bouquet that makes a perfect gift for your boss. 

  • Queen Lara bouquet

  • This is a large flower arrangement with flowers in peach, off-white and pink shades. Beautiful filler flowers are also used to accentuate the beauty of the bouquet. 

  • Pastel magic vase arrangement

  • The pastel magic vase arrangement is a box arrangement of spray roses, Mikito roses, hydrangeas and orchids. The beautiful shades of the flowers make this arrangement and stunning piece. 

  • Basket of wishes

  • This is a pastel shaded arrangement of flowers that make a great gift for your colleagues. The arrangement comes with white orchids and coffee latte roses along with candles and chocolates. 

  • Orange almond cake

  • This is a delicious orange cake with almonds. Coconut sugar is used in this cake to add to its sweetness. This is a perfect gift from shops offering Cakes and Flowers delivery dubai for your colleagues birthday. 

  • Red velvet sponge cake

  • The red velvet cake comes with spongy cake layered with buttercream frosting. This delectable cake makes a great gift for your colleagues birthday. 

  • Chocolate hazelnut cake

  • This is a chocolate moist cake layered with chocolate ganache for that ultimate taste. Hazelnut filling is also provided to add to the overall taste. 

  • Strawberry Victorian cake

  • This is a vanilla layered sponge cake with vanilla strawberry custard cream frosting. This cake also makes an excellent treat for a birthday or promotion. 

    In addition to cakes and flowers, you can also give indoor plants like bonsai as an official gift. 


    Cakes and flowers are the perfect gift for any corporate events. Gifting cakes and flowers is the best way to share your joy with your colleagues. Get beautiful flowers and delectable cakes of your choice from 800 Flower. 

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