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Dubai Same Day Flower Delivery

Why Should You Avoid Same Day Flower Delivery Dubai?

For e-commerce businesses, prompt delivery is critical. Without an efficient delivery system, customers will abandon the e-commerce site and opt for one that offers better delivery service. 

One method that e-commerce companies adopt to gain more customers is same-day delivery. Same-day delivery is particularly important for businesses like flower delivery Dubai where last-minute purchases occur. Through same-day delivery, the customers need not worry even if they forget some important day. Within three hours of placing the order, the best flower shop in Dubai will deliver the order promptly to the customer. 

But there are several drawbacks to placing a same-day flower delivery. 

  • Increased cost

Most online flower shops offer free delivery for orders above a specific limit. But in most cases, this does not apply to same-day delivery. This is because the flower shop needs to hire an extra workforce to ensure that the flowers are delivered on time. Even if they do not hire an additional workforce, they should pay extra for the existing staff to accommodate this particular order. This extra amount is collected from the customers. Thus, the overall cost of placing the order can be high. 

The cost can be higher on special days like friendship day or Valentine’s day when online flower shops will have more orders. 

  • Delay

With same-day delivery, though the flower shops deliver flower box Dubai on the same day of placing the order, you cannot assure that they will be delivered at the time you want. When you pre-book an order, the online shops will prepare a delivery schedule based on your location and time. Since same-day delivery is urgent, it is difficult to club it with the scheduled order. Thus, the online shop may be unable to deliver it when you want. 

Sometimes, the product will be delivered when the recipient is not at home. This can stand in the way of creating a surprise element for the recipient. 

  • Less choice

Your choice of flowers can be limited if you go for same-day delivery. This is particularly so for special day orders like valentine’s day or mother’s day. 

Red roses will be in high demand during Valentine’s day. If you place a same-day delivery order for red roses on Valentine’s day, you may not get the same as required since the order for red roses would be high. Thus, if you want a specific type of flower for a certain occasion, it is best to prebook the order. 

  • Missed order

The chances of missing orders are very high for same-day delivery. Missed order mostly happens during special days like Valentine’s day or friendship day when the order for flowers is high. Since most people pre-book orders for these special days, the delivery drivers and vehicles follow a pre-scheduled pattern. 

If you place an order on the same day, the online shop may not have enough staff to deliver the order. Sometimes they have to rework their schedule to accommodate your order. Thus, the chances of your order getting missed out are very high. 


Most online flower delivery shops source flowers from flower farms across the world. They will have a limited stock of the most exotic varieties. Thus, it is always best to prebook the order rather than go for same-day delivery if you want a specific type of flower.

This is especially important on special days like Valentine’s day, friendship day or mother’s day when there is high demand for flowers. Pre Booking the order ensures that you get the flower bouquet you want at the time and date specified by you. 

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