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Every florist in Dubai advises purchasing fragrant flowers.

Sweet-smelling flowers every florist Dubai recommends

Flowers are nature’s best creation. While some are bright and exotic, others from florist Dubai are known for their sweet fragrance. This sweet fragrance from Florist Near Me is enough to win your heart. It can uplift your mood and create a positive vibe. 

Though Florist Near Me stocks a variety of flowers, all may not have a sweet scent. Some can be without smell, whereas others provide a spicy scent. Let us look at a few of the sweet-smelling flowers recommended by Florist Near Me.

Sweet-smelling flowers recommended by wedding florist Dubai.

Decorating the wedding venue with sweet-smelling flowers can provide a new dimension to the venue decor. Thus, the careful selection of flowers by Wedding Florist Dubai is very important. Here are some beautiful flowers with sweet fragrances used by Wedding Florist Dubai.

  • Rose

Rose is the number one choice for all occasions. Whether as birthday flowers or love flowers, you can never undermine the role of roses. Different varieties of roses have different types of smells. Thus, you should carefully select the rose depending on your desired smell. 

  • Peony

The peony is another variety of flower that resembles a rose. Peonies are also available in various smells, from sweet to rosy and citrusy. Since this flower resembles a rose, Wedding Florist Dubai uses it instead of roses in flower arrangements. 


  • Hyacinth

Hyacinths are luxury flowers that bloom in spring and give out a strong smell. A few stalks of flowers are enough to fill a room with a sweet fragrance. This is because a single stalk will have multiple flowers with a strong fragrance. 

  • Jasmine

Jasmines are small flowers in white shades. They are not used in a typical flower arrangement because of their small size. But you can use jasmine garlands to decorate the wedding venue. This fills the room with a sweet fragrance. 


How does the online florist Dubai select flowers for weddings?

Different varieties of flowers are available for wedding decoration. Then how does an Online Florist Dubai select the right flowers? Here are certain things they consider while selecting flowers. 

  • Type of venue

Nowadays, many weddings are conducted outside in a natural setting. Nature itself plays a key role in beautifying the venue. In such a case, you can use only a few flowers for decoration. On the other hand, if the wedding is conducted inside a venue, you need more flowers for decor. 

  • Colour theme

Most weddings follow a colour theme for the costume and decoration. Online florist Dubai considers this colour theme to select the type of flowers. If the theme is pink, flowers in shades of pink, like roses, peonies and lilies, will be used for decoration. 

  • Style of wedding

If the wedding is more of a formal style, the flowers selected should be a bit traditional style like roses. The centrepiece and other decor items should be matched and follow symmetry in the arrangement. On the other hand, for a more casual wedding, you can go for mix-and-match flowers and handmade detailing that provides a casual touch. 

  • Budget of client

This is a very important factor to consider while selecting flowers. If Online Florist Dubai uses exotic flowers like tulips and orchids, the overall cost of the decor will be high. On the other hand, seasonal flowers will cost less as they are available aplenty. To bring down the cost, you can also use indoor plants like bonsai for the decor. 


The beauty of the flower lies not only in its look but also in its fragrance. Selecting sweet-smelling flowers in season allows you to create the right seasonal touch to the decor. This provides more authenticity to the decor. 

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