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Carnation and Snowdrop for the January Born

A Very Happy New Year to one and all. 2022 is finally here with a lot of good hopes and promises. Let all the setbacks and somber moments of yesterday give way to positivity and confidence in the coming year. 

Few among you are lucky to be born in the first month of the year, the coldest and the most pleasant month in UAE. Your spirits are lifted, and your joy knows no bound when you are celebrating your birthday on this special month.

January born are either Capricorn or Aquarius depending on your date of birth. Those who are born between the 1st and 19th of January are Capricorn, and those between 20th and 31st are Aquarius.

Capricorn is symbolized by the sea goat. The symbol consists of the hoof of a mountain goat and the tail of a fish. While the hoof of the mountain goat represents earning honors and accolades, the tail of the fish stands for the capability of a Capricorn to plunge deep into imagination. A Capricorn man is over-ambitious, workaholic and authoritarian in nature. On the other hand, Capricorn women are sensitive and emotional with a sarcastic personality

The common personality traits of Capricorn include

Ambitious: Capricorn born are very ambitious people. They want a very secure future for themselves and their family and will go any length to achieve their ambition.

Wise: They are very wise and mature people and can take the right decision at the right time. Because of this, their friends have immense trust in them.

Patient: Since Capricorns are ambitious and go any length to achieve their goal, they are very patient. They know that it will take time to reach the goal and are ready to wait patiently to reach it.

Disciplined: Discipline can be considered as the base for their success. By following a disciplined and well thought out path, they can reach their ambition without difficulty.

Stubborn: It is very difficult to change a Capricorn’s viewpoint. Once they develop a particular viewpoint, they stick to it and make sure that their goal is achieved.

Shy: Capricorns do not easily open with other people. Though they are good communicators, they tend to be very shy. Thus, they are detached and does not get emotionally involved with others so easily.

Mood swings: While the Capricorns are witty and funny on the one hand, they can easily get moody. This makes it very difficult to adjust with Capricorn.

January flower – Carnation and Snowdrop

Just like December, January also has two birth flowers – Carnation and Snowdrop. Carnation or Clove Pink is a flower that is native to the Mediterranean region and comes with a sweet scent.

Snow Drop otherwise called the Galanthus are bell-shaped drooping flowers that are white in color. They usually bloom during winter or early spring.

What do the flowers symbolize?


Carnation or Clove Pinks are Mediterranean plants that grow up to 80cm tall. Flowers bloom either individually or as a bunch consisting of up to 5 flowers. The original color of the flower is bright pinkish-purple, but cultivators also develop other colors like red, white and yellow. They have a sweet scent and are widely used for making floral bouquets.

There is no direct relationship between a carnation flower and the personality trait of a January born. But still, it is considered as a January birth flower probably because of its puffy ball-shaped look that makes it a good addition for a floral bouquet.

Little Known Facts about Carnation

  • The flower carnation has different meaning and uses in different parts of the world.
  • In Korea, the Carnation flower is used to predict the life of a young girl.
  • In France, Carnation is used for making oil which is used in skin cream and muscle relaxant.
  • In Spain, Carnation is used for religious and national festivals.
  • Carnation is also considered as Mother’s Day flower in most part of the world.

What Each Color Symbolizes?

Each color of Carnation has a different meaning. And you can choose the color depending on the person being gifted.

  • Pink: This is the original and the most popular color of carnation. Pink carnation stands for mother’s love, happiness, and gratitude.
  • Red: Carnation comes in light red and dark red colors. While the light red color stands for admiration, dark red color stands for romantic love.
  • White: White carnation stands for the innocent love you have for someone.


Snowdrops or Galanthus Nivalis are drooping flowers that bloom in the shape of a bell. It is white in color with six petals arranged in two circles. The inner petals of the flower have green markings. Snowdrops are native to Europe and the Middle East and grow best in woodland. Some species of snowdrop even grows in grassland and mountain areas. Snowdrop is considered as the birth flower of January probably because it’s resemblance to snow.

Galanthus Nivalis obtained its name from Greek and Latin words – Galanthus from Greek meaning ‘milk white flower’ and Nivalis from Latin meaning ‘resembling snow.’ The flower stands for purity, hope, and rebirth. Snowdrops usually grow 3 to 4 inches tall and makes an excellent ground cover for the garden.

Little known facts about Snowdrop

  • Snowdrop is one of the first flowers to bloom during the new year.
  • It is considered to be an endangered species of wild flora and hence it is illegal to collect snowdrop from the wild in many countries.
  • Snowdrop contain an ingredient that can treat Alzheimer’s disease.
  • There are around 2500 varieties of snow drops.

What does Snowdrop Flower Symbolizes?

  • Innocence: White is the color of innocence and purity. Since snowdrop is a pure white flower, it is considered to be a flower of innocence. By gifting this flower, you consider the other person to be pure and innocent.
  • Sympathy: The white color of the flower stands for sympathy and consolation. It shows that you care for others and support and console them during their difficult times. By gifting the flower, you are conveying that the other person will never be let down during difficult times.
  • Hope: Snowdrop also symbolizes hope for the future. By gifting this flower, you are conveying the message that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. You should never give up your hope and strive to work for your goal.

If you are looking for beautiful flowers to gift a January born, is here to help you. Browse our collection for the most exciting range of birthday flowers and make your dear one’s day an extra special one.

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