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The Power of a Red Rose

Valentine’s day is all about gifting beautiful flowers to your dear one. The first thought that comes to your mind when you think of Valentine’s day flower are red roses. In fact, it is hard to imagine celebrating valentines day without gifting beautiful red roses to your valentine.

Why Are Red Roses Gifted During Valentine’s Day?

Red roses are considered to be a symbol of love and romance. Many cultures around the world have also considered red rose as a flower of passion. Even in ancient days of Greek and Egyptian civilization red roses were widely used to express love and romance. Such is the importance of red rose flower that it is being considered as the favorite flower for valentines’ day.

The Legend Behind Red Rose

The link between red roses and love dates back to the ages of Greek Mythology. In Greek mythology Aphrodite was considered as the goddess of love.

As per the legend, Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis who was passionate about hunting. Aphrodite has advised Adonis to be careful about animals that do not seem to be afraid. But Adonis completely forgot the advice when he came across a wild boar. The wild boar killed Adonis which shocked Aphrodite. She ran after Adonis’s body and got injured. Her blood turned a white rose into a red rose.

It is also believed that the red rose is created by the Phrygian Goddess, Cybele, to compete with the beauty of Aphrodite. She requested the God of the grape harvest, Dionysus, to create a red rose by spilling red wine on a white rose.

The Romans for whom Aphrodite was their Goddess Venus also considered red rose as a symbol of Aphrodite’s love and beauty.

The History Behind Gifting Red Rose for Valentine’s Day

The History behind gifting red roses for Valentine’s day dates back to the 17th Century when King Charles II of Sweden visited Persia. There he saw people using flowers as a means of communication. Each flower symbolized different things, and by gifting a bouquet of mixed flowers, a whole message could be conveyed to the other person.

This fad slowly gained momentum in Europe where people started gifting flowers to convey messages. Since red flower stands for deep love, people began gifting a bouquet of roses in red color to show their love for the other person.

The Number of Red Roses and its Meaning

It is not just the color of rose, but the number of roses also has a special significance on Valentine’s day. Each number has its meaning and gifting the right number of flowers helps in conveying the right message.

  • One Rose: A single rose stands for ‘love at first sight.’ This rose can be gifted to a person with whom you have fallen in love at the first instance.
  • Three Roses: Three roses stand for “I love You.” If you want to openly express your emotion to the other person, then gifting three roses is the right option.
  • Six Roses: By gifting six roses you are conveying the message “I want to be yours.” If you are very close to someone and want to take the relationship to the next level, then you can gift six roses to him/her.
  • Nine Roses: Nine roses stand for eternal love. If you wish to spend the rest of your life with a particular person, then you should gift him/her with nine roses.
  • Twelve Roses: Do you wish someone to be yours throughout life? Then gift them with a dozen red roses. By gifting 12 roses, you are asking the other person to be yours.
  • Twenty Roses: Twenty is the number of sincerity and belief. If you believe your relationship to be sincere to the core, then you should gift him/her a bouquet of twenty red roses.
  • Twenty-four Roses: By gifting a bouquet of 24 red roses you are telling someone that he/she is always in your mind.
  • Thirty-six Roses: Want to remind your dear one of all the romantic moments you have shared? Then gift him/her thirty-six red roses.
  • Fifty Roses: By gifting fifty roses to someone, you are showing your unconditional love to the other person.
  • Hundred roses: A hundred roses stand for pure devotion. By gifting someone with a bouquet containing a hundred roses you are letting the person know that you are entirely devoted to him/her.

Best Red Roses Bouquet to Gift Your Loved One

Here are a few red rose bouquets that you can gift your loved one

  • Rose Garden: This arrangement comes in a box of gorgeous 25 red roses. Simplicity is always best.
  • New Love: This beautiful bouquet of red roses would be an ideal gift for your better half with whom you share all your feelings. The bouquet comes with a beautiful arrangement of red roses in a beautiful paper bag.
  • Adoring Heartfelt: Gift this beautiful bouquet of red and pink roses and show the depth of your love to your valentine. The bouquet comes with beautiful red and pink  spray roses, and lisianthus arranged in a paper bag. The bouquet also comes with a standard message card to write your valentines message.

Coming from the best shop providing gift delivery Dubai, these bouquets are sure to impress your loved one.

Gifting red roses during Valentine’s day has become a trend that the demand for the flower soars up during Valentine’s day. Most of the flower shop Dubai stock up on these red roses along with special valentine’s day gifts. But remember to place your order well ahead of time so that it does not run out of stock.

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