How to Use Plants to Purify Your Home This Fall?


You can use plants to purify your home by understanding the different types of plants and how they help us to stay fit and healthy. The right placement of plants inside the house also plays an important role in purifying the indoor air.

  1. Understand the role of indoor plants
  2. Decide where to keep the plants
  3. Decide on the room to place the plants
  4. Decide on the type of plants
  5. Take care of the plants

Why Should We Purify the Indoor Air?

The air inside our home is contaminated on a daily basis by various chemicals present in the air. Smoke, toxins found in paint and other chemicals, detergent fumes, bacteria, fungi all contaminate the indoor air. While cleaning helps in keeping the surface free of dust and other harmful chemicals, the air we breathe in still continues to be impure. Thus, there is a need to purify the indoor air.

How to Use Plants to Purify the Indoor Air?

  1. Understand the role of indoor plants: Indoor plants acts as a filter and absorbs all the toxins found inside the home through the leaves. Thus, if the plants do the cleansing act first, the air that enters our nose is considered to be less impure. This reduces the incidence of various respiratory diseases like Asthma and allergies.
  1. Decide where to keep the plants: Indoor plants should be placed in such an area that it gets enough sunlight. At the same time, you should be able to easily access the area for watering and caring for the plant. Desk, side table, and window sill are ideal for placing small indoor plants.
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  1. Decide on the rooms to keep the plants: Plants should be kept in those rooms that have high toxin content in the air. Kitchen, bedroom, office, etc. are few of the rooms that you can keep the plants. Indoor flowering plants are best kept in the living room as it adds to the décor value of the room.
  1. Decide on the type of plants: There are no bad or good indoor plants. Each plant has its own benefits. Spider plant helps in absorbing formaldehyde which is mainly present in wood products inside the house. Similarly, Areca Palm plant helps in absorbing acetone which is a common ingredient of nail polish. Thus, depending on the presence of chemicals inside the house, you can decide on the type of plant to use
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  1. Take care of the plants: Whatever types of indoor plants that you use, you should take good care of the plant to survive. Watering and fertilizing the plants at regular intervals and providing them with adequate sunlight is crucial for their lush growth. Once a plant adapts to its surrounding you should not move it too frequently.

Indoor plants not only contribute to your physical health, but also your mental health. Having the best indoor plants inside the house creates a calming and relaxing feel which is sure to have its benefit to both young and old.


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