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The Cheapest Flowers in the World

Flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They play a significant role in all celebrations of your life. Whether it is for gifting or decoration, flowers are a must-have.

Just like its color and shape, the price of flowers also varies depending on different factors. Some are highly priced in thousands of dollars whereas some can be bought for just a few cents.

Why are some flowers cheaper?

  • Availability: Flowers like roses are available aplenty all around the world. Hence, there is no need to transport them from one place to another which will eventually reduce its price. This is one reason why almost all flower shop has a bouquet of roses.
  • Non-seasonal growth: Some flowers like Aster and carnation grows throughout the year. Thus, they are widely available which again reduces its cost.
  • Less care: While some flowers require specialized care like daily watering and fertilization, some like Geranium hardly require any maintenance. Thus, specialized labor is not necessary for growing such plants. This helps in reducing the overall cost.

Cheapest flowers around the world

Let us have a look at few of the cheapest flowers available around the world.

Rose: Available in a variety of colors and sizes, roses are the cheapest flowers available around the world. This is one reason why most of the flower bouquet has roses as the main component.

In addition to bouquets, roses are also used for wedding décor, car décor, and even as a centerpiece for your dining table or side table.

Roses require only a moist soil for their growth. Thus, as long as you can ensure that the moisture level of the soil is maintained, you can grow the rose just anywhere.

Daisy Spray: Daisy sprays are the ideal filler flowers for flower arrangements as they are spray flower. This means that more than one flower grows in a single stem. They are mostly available in white colors and can be used in bouquets or centerpieces to enhance the look of the focal flower.

Daisy Spray grows in full sunlight and requires only moderate fertilization. Once the seeds are sown, you get the blooms in the next season. Thus, it is easy to grow and require very less maintenance.

This makes Daisy spray one of the cheapest flowers and the right one for bouquets.

Solidago | 800 Flower Dubai

Solidago: Solidagos are yellow colored wildflower that grows freely in meadows, prairies, and savannahs. Though they are not used in bouquets by flower shops, they are used for making dyes, and as a natural medicine for kidney ailments.

If you want to grow Solidago in your garden, then make sure that the soil is well-drained. Once planted, it grows swiftly and does not require much fertilizing. It requires very little moisture and hence hardly need any care.

Lilies: One of the most stunning of all flowers, the lilies are a delight to look at. They grow in different shades and pattern, thus making it a widely sought-after flower by the best flower shop.

Lilies are available in a range of colors like white, pink, purple and yellow and a mix of two colors. Lilies are used alone and also in combination with other flowers for making bouquets.

Just like all the above flowers, caring for lilies is also easy. The only requirement is a good supply of water. Thus, make sure that you water the lilies almost every day.

Carnation | 800 Flower Dubai

Carnation: Available in beautiful shades of pink and purple, carnations are mainly used by the best online florist as filler flowers as they add volume to the arrangement. Though it is a cheap flower, carnation can be paired with more expensive flowers like Juliet Rose and Gloriosa Lily to create a stunning flower arrangement.

The main advantage of the carnation plant is that it requires watering only once a week. Once they start blooming, you should pinch off the flowers to encourage additional blooming. Thus, taking care of carnation is relatively easy.

Alstroemeria | 800 Flower Dubai

Alstroemeria: This flower is also called Peruvian lily and is a native to South America. They are cultivated in a range of colors like white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. Since these flowers are cheap, they usually are paired with more expensive varieties like hydrangea for flower arrangement.

Taking care of Alstroemeria is relatively easy as the only requirement is moist soil. Once the soil moisture is maintained, the plant produces a large number of blooms. A general-purpose fertilizer is enough to nourish the plant.

Baby's Breath | 800 Flower Dubai

Baby’s breath: Native of Eurasia and Africa, the Baby’s breath is available in white and pastel pink shades. They are very small flowers and are used by the best online flower shop for floral arrangements, bouquets, and also as cut flower. Because of the pastel shade of the flower, it is also used for celebrating the birth of a baby girl.

Baby’s breath needs only six hours of sunlight per day and watering need to be done once in 2-3 weeks. Thus, the Baby’s breath is a plant that does not require much maintenance.

Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are a favorite with most of the fresh flower delivery There are various reasons why they are widely used. First of all, they are available in a range of colors like orange, pink, white, maroon and purple. Secondly, they have a pom-pom shaped appearance and can provide volume for flower arrangements.

Chrysanthemums need indirect sunlight for their growth. They do not require water every day, but you should make sure that the moisture level in the soil is maintained.

Flower Delivery Dubai | 800 Flower

There are various online and offline shops that provide cheap flower delivery Dubai. These shops pair the cheap flowers with a richer variety and create signature pieces.

Thus, the cheapest flowers in the world need not be neglected completed. If they are delivered to the best online flowers shop, they can be converted into stunning bouquets or floral arrangements.

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