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How Long Can Roses Stay Out of Water?

Most varieties of roses can survive for a couple of hours outside water owing to its hard stem. But proper care should be given right from the time of cutting to ensure that the rose retains its freshness. Here are a few tips to make roses stay longer.

  1. Hydrate the rose plant
  2. Cut early in the morning
  3. Buy from a reputed florist
  4. Wrap the stem

Step 1: Hydrate the rose plant

If you are cutting the rose from your rose garden, water the plant the previous night before cutting. This will hydrate the rose and helps to retain its freshness.

Step 2: Cut early in the morning

The rose should be cut from the plant early in the morning before it gets too hot. This will prevent the flower from wilting and stay for longer.

Step 3: Buy from a reputed florist:

If you are buying roses, make sure that you buy it from a reputed florist who stocks fresh roses. Pick the ones from the refrigerator rather than those stored at room temperature. This way you can ensure that the rose stays for long.

Step 4: Wrap the stem

Once you have purchased or plucked the rose, wrap the stem in a wet paper or wet cloth so that it stays longer without wilting.

Whether you are using roses for a bouquet or for an arrangement, make sure that it is placed in a cold area away from direct sunlight. This will ensure that the rose stays fresh for a longer time.

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