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How to take care for Your Indoor Plants in Winter

It is finally winter in Dubai. Though the winter in this region is not as harsh as the rest of the world, you should pay attention to your indoor plants as it require special care to survive.

The use of indoor heater and the resulting fall in humidity can affect the life of indoor plants. Moreover, most of the houses in the UAE do not get enough sunlight which is vital for the survival of plants. All this can result in the plants dying very fast.

Plant Care Tips

By following certain simple tips, you can help the plants survive the dry winter months.

  1. Keep the plants in the right place: If you keep the indoor plants near the entrance or balcony door, then they are exposed to different levels of temperature during the day. This will result in the leaves fading off fast. Thus, make sure that you place the indoor plants towards the center of the room where there is no significant temperature fluctuation.It should also be kept away from the heater as it tends to get overheated and die fast.
  1. Give them ample sunlight: Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis and growth. Make sure that your indoor plant gets adequate sunlight. You can leave them in the balcony or near the south-facing window so that it gets enough sunlight. If sunlight is an issue, then you can provide artificial light like the LED light. If large indoor plants start becoming leggy, then it is an indication that the plant is not getting enough sunlight.

Give Them Ample Sunlight | 800 Flower Dubai

  1. Cut down on water: The biggest problem with indoor trees and plants is that they may not have enough soil to absorb the water. Thus, make sure that you provide only enough water to the plant. The best way is to check the moisture level of the soil before watering the plant. Stick your finger one inch deep into the soil. If you feel the soil is moist, do not water the plant. Excess water can lead to rotting of roots and premature death of plants.
  1. Check the fertilizer level: Just like water, fertilizer should also be given in the right quantity for the plant to survive. If you are using commercial fertilizer, then check the directions for use before using on plants. You can even dilute the fertilizer before feeding the plant.
  1. Keep the plant clean: You should check the leaves and stem of the plant to make sure that it is free from dust and dirt. You can clean the leaves by spraying water. Cleaning the leaves not only helps in their healthy growth but also provides a fresh look to your plant. If you have indoor flowering plants, make sure to clean the flowers as well.If there are any dry leaves, you should remove that as well as the leaves can decay and damage the plant.
  1. Check the humidity: The requirement of humidity depends on the type of indoor plants. If you have tropical plants like an indoor bamboo plant, then you should make sure that the plant gets enough humidity. Humidity may not be a big issue in Dubai as the moisture level indoors is normally high. If you feel the humidity is low, you can keep the plant in the kitchen or the bathroom for few days where the humidity is relatively high.
  1. Protect them from indoor pest: Indoor flies are a big menace in Dubai. Though they do not cause any damage to the plant, it can be a nuisance as they feed on decayed leaves and dirt. Similarly, bugs can also grow indoor and damage the plant. You can check online and make homemade pesticides to protect your plants as they tend to be more environmentally friendly.
  1. Do not repot: Do not repot the plant until spring as the repotted plant may sometimes die fast. Plants need some time to adapt to new surroundings. Thus, if you repot your plant and move it somewhere else, it may not be able to adjust well to the new place.

By taking good care of indoor plants, you can make sure that it stays fresh indoor even during winter. But the good thing about Dubai is that since the winter here is not too harsh, most of the plants can survive outdoor even during winter. Providing them with enough water, fertilizer, and sunlight ensures that they grow lush and green.

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