Indoor Plants

Get one of our top selling plants. Perfect for home or office in the UAE! Straight from our local plant nursery in Dubai to you. We deliver the largest selection of indoor plants in the UAE

  • Best Seller

White Orchid

155.00 AED

Dream Team Orchids

595.00 AED

Thoughtful Orchid

155.00 AED

Croton Plant

215.00 AED

Sansevieria Plant

185.00 AED

Yucca Plant

435.00 AED

Tahiti Bonsai

135.00 AED

Croton Plant

155.00 AED

Areca Palm Plant

585.00 AED

  • Best Seller


125.00 AED

Ficus Bonsai

165.00 AED

Calathea Crocata

185.00 AED


155.00 AED

Evergreen Plant

375.00 AED

Chinese Bonsai

225.00 AED

Monstera Plant

990.00 AED

Anthurium Red

305.00 AED