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Easy Maintenance Plants in Dubai

Plants in Dubai make up an excellent decor element. Whether it is indoor or outdoor plant, the pleasing sight it provides to the eyes and the refreshing and cool aura that emanates from it cannot be replaced by anything else.

However, one of the major factor that prevents many from having plants at home is the difficulty in maintaining the same. Most of the plants require regular watering. On top of that, good fertilization and pest control is also required to maintain the plant well. In our busy schedule, it may not be possible for all to look after plants the proper way. On top of that, the hot and humid climate of UAE is not suitable for growing all types of plants. All this prevents people from having plants at home.

But, in reality, all plants do not require proper care and attention. There are certain plants that can withstand the climatic condition of Dubai even without proper care. Here are 5 such plants that is easy to maintain.

  1. Succulents: These are plants that have thickened and fleshy parts to retain water. Such plants are mostly found in arid climate were water is scarce. Such plants usually store water in their stem or leaves and hence they can survive without water for days.

Succulent plants require good draining soil. Once planted it should be watered well. The next watering should be done only after the soil has completely dried. While watering, make sure that the plant is not overwatered as it can rot the roots. Succulents require very little fertilization. Once a month fertilization is more than enough. Most varieties of succulents need full day of sunlight and hence it is considered as one of the best plants that grow in UAE.

  1. Orchid: Orchids are one of the best flowering plants grown in UAE that provide a variety of flowers in different colors. Orchids can be grown both indoor and outdoor depending on its variety. The bright color and texture of the orchid makes it one of the favorites with home décor enthusiasts.

Orchids require lot of watering but it should be watered only when the soil is completely dry. Thus, watering once a week is more than essential. Since orchids require lot of humidity for growing, you can place a humidifier or water filled saucer near the plant. Orchids need to be fertilized only once a week during its growth stage which can be reduced to a monthly basis once it matures. Since orchids does not require caring on a daily basis it is easy to maintain.

  1. Bonsai: Bonsais are miniature versions of large trees. They are not grown for medicine or fruit but for the visual appeal it provides. Bonsais are normally created from shrubs or woody stemmed tree that has lot of branches. The size of the Bonsai tree is restricted through pot confinement and root pruning. Because of its cute and small size, bonsais are one of the favorite indoor décor plants.

Maintaining Bonsai plants in Dubai is not so difficult as it is thought out to be. The watering frequency of bonsai depends on the type of plant. Typically, for all bonsais you should not allow the soil to dry completely. Using a soil mixture that can retain water will help to reduce the frequency of watering. As for fertilizing, though young bonsai trees require frequent fertilization, the frequency can be reduced once the tree matures.

  1. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a tropical plant and is grown for decorative and medicinal purpose. This plant can be grown both indoor and outdoor depending on your preference. It has thick, fleshy leaves which is green to grey-green in color. It is a short-stemmed plant whose flowers are produced during the summer season.

Once watered, the soil of the Aloe Vera plant should be allowed to dry completely before watering again. Thus, this plant requires watering only once in two-three weeks. If the plant is overwatered it can lead to rotting of its root. Fertilization also need to be done only once a month.

  1. Bamboo: Another variety of easy maintenance plant for sale in Dubai is the bamboo. Bamboo is a plant with a hollow stem and can be grown outdoor to decorate your garden or indoor as lucky bamboo. It grows well in warm and tropical climate and hence is best suited for UAE weather.

Caring for a bamboo plant is easy provided you select them properly. Make sure that you select a healthy bamboo with an even green color throughout its leaves and stem. There should not be any brown or yellow marking on its leaves or stem which indicates the unhealthy nature of the plant. Lucky bamboo should be covered with 2-3 inches of water at all time. You can change the water once a week. As for outdoor bamboo, they require regular watering and fertilization during the growing stage. But once it matures, it requires only less water.

The peculiarity of UAE weather is its hot and humid climate. In addition to this most of the houses in Dubai do not have enough outdoor space to grow plants. Because of this people are hesitant to try gardening. But in reality, there are different plants that grow in Dubai with little or no care. If you are short of outdoor space, you can try indoor plants like bamboo that not only provides a touch of greenery indoor but also helps in purifying the indoor air.

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