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9 Best Smelling Flowers

When you walk past a flower shop something pulls you back and make you stare. What attracts you to the shop? It is definitely the beautiful sight of the flower and its smell.

The sweet fragrance from the flowers lingers all around the shop attracting not only the tiny bees but also people like us. Such is the power of smell that it can even change your whole mood.

Flowers are long being used in aromatherapy treatment not just for the pleasant sight it offers but also because of its peculiar smell.

Here are few of the best smelling flowers for indoors or our scented flowers list that can be used for bouquets and also for perfume:


The king of all flowers, the rose is known for its beautiful color, shape, and smell. It is available in a variety of bold and pastel shades including red, yellow, orange, pink, purple and white.

Roses are available in three different varieties – the Species rose which is a simple five petal flower, old garden rose which is known for their sweet fragrance and the modern roses which are known for their bright colors and beautiful shapes.

type of smell: Modern roses are grown mostly for their beauty. Thus, it is the old garden roses that are popular for their scent.Old garden roses are used for making perfumes like ELIE SAAB Rose Couture that is known for its sweet, and flowery smell. In addition to this, essential oil and scented candles are also made with rose.


Jasmine is a very popular flower found all over the world. It is either cream or yellow in color and is a native of tropical and temperate regions. There are around 200 species of jasmine found all over the world.

Jasmine grows as vines and has bright green leaves and soft and delicate flowers. The jasmine that is commonly found is a native to Iran

Type of Smell: Jasmine has a sweet and overpowering smell which can be felt even from a great distance. It is used for making essential oil, perfume and in aromatherapy treatment.

Jasmine is used in perfumes like Clinique Aromatics Elixir because of their sweet scent.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is not a beautiful flower as such but is well known for its scent. It grows mainly in the rainforest of Asia and Australia and blooms throughout the year.

Type of Smell: Ylang Ylang has an exotic smell and hence is widely used in exotic perfumes like Emporio Armani Sun Di Gioa. It is also used for making essential oil.


Peony is a beautiful flower that is native to Asia, Europe, and Western North America. The flower is available in 33 species and comes in pink, purple, red, white and yellow. Peonies are mostly grown in temperate regions and form a beautiful addition to your garden. They are sold as cut flowers and are ideal for making bouquets

Type of Smell: The flowers and leaves of the peony plant exude a sweet smell. The essential oil extracted from the Peony flower is widely used for making perfumes, candles, and room freshener. The scent of the peony flower is believed to stimulate brain function and is good for the overall wellness of the body. Thus it is also used in aromatherapy treatments.


Gardenia is a thick and white flower that grows in almost all types of climate; whether cold or tropical. The petals of the flower resemble that of rose and attract almost all types of insects.

Type of Smell: Gardenia has an intoxicating smell that can spread throughout the garden. The flower becomes more powerful during the rainy and windy season when the wind blows through its creamy petal giving out a lustful smell.

Gardenia is widely used in perfumes like Jean Paul Gaultier Sandal and Chanel’s Gardenia.

Tube Rose

Tube Rose is a night-blooming flower with white waxy petals and a long spike. It is a native of Mexico and blooms in tropical spring and summer. The plant has long and bright green leaves clustered at the base.

Type of smell: Tube Rose has an overpowering scent and is widely used in making perfumes. It can be used to make standalone perfumes or can be combined with other flowers to make new fragrances. In some part of the world, the flower is also used to make garlands for the wedding.

Lily of the valley

Lily of the Valley is a bell-shaped small flower that is white in color. This flower blooms mainly in the spring season and is found in cold temperate climate in the Northern Hemisphere especially in Asia and Europe.

Type of Smell: Lily of the valley has a very sweet smell and hence is used in making perfumes. Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose is a well-known perfume with lily of valley as one of its ingredients.


Frangipani also called Plumeria is a native of tropical areas like the Caribbean, South America, and Mexico. This flower is available in pink, red, yellow, and white in color. The Frangipani plants grow to be shrubs or small trees with fleshy leaves.

Type of Smell: Frangipani has a tropical smell, and it becomes more intense during the evening time. The flower is mostly used in making perfumes because of its intense aroma.

Scented Primrose

Scented Primrose grows mainly in European countries and comes in beautiful and bright colors such as yellow, blue, white and rose. The flowers have four petals, and they bloom mostly towards evening time.

Type of Smell: The leaves and flowers of the scented Primrose have a citrus smell, and some parts of the flower are edible. Because of the fruity scent of the flower, it is used for making essential oil.

The sweet scent of these flowers makes them an ideal choice for gifting. These best smelling flowers can be gifted as such or in the form of a bouquet or vase. Whichever way you gift the flowers, they are sure to capture the heart of the person due to their sweet fragrance and bright color.

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