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Top 5 Spring Flowers

What makes Spring season so beautiful are the myriads of flowers that bloom during this season. Though in Dubai Spring season is not so apparent as in the rest of the world, the city will be at its best during this time as the streets and roads will be beautified with colorful spring flowers.

Shops that sell flowers will be festooned with beautiful bouquet of roses, tulips and, lilies thus adding to the overall charm.

Why Do Flowers Bloom During Spring?

In Dubai, the spring season provides the right conditions for flowers to blooms. Though winter in this region is not so harsh as in the rest of the world, the days are shorter. Because of this, plants do not get enough sunlight for its lush growth.

Summer in Dubai is very harsh and the plants, especially those that produce beautiful flowers, will not be able to thrive during this season. Because of these reasons, Spring season is the right time for the flowers Dubai to bloom.

Which Are The Top Flowers of the Season?

The following are the most popular flowers of spring season

  1. Daffodils: Daffodils, otherwise called Narcissus, are six petal flowers which are either yellow or white in color. Some varieties of daffodils have a uniform color throughout whereas some others have contrasting color in the center.

    Birth flower for the month of December, daffodils are native to Southern Europe and North Africa and grows mainly in meadows and woods. It is available as both wild and cultivated plants and makes an excellent choice for flower arrangements.

    Just like any other flowers, daffodils can also be used for making bouquets. But when it is cut, a fluid secrets from its stem which can wilt other flowers. Thus, if daffodils are mixed with other flowers for making a bouquet, it should be soaked for a certain period so that the secretion is washed off. Once soaked, it should be rinsed thoroughly before mixing with other flowers.

Daffodils | 800 Flower Dubai

2. Tulips: Tulips are bright, bulb-like flowers that are available in a variety of bright colors like red, yellow, pink and white.

Tulips originally were cultivated in regions stretching from Southern Europe to Central Asia, but in due course of time, farmers slowly started growing it in other regions as well. During the 17th century, Tulips were introduced in the Netherlands. The high demand for Tulips in the area resulted in a surge in its price followed by a downward crash. This resulted in the famous Tulip Mania.

Tulips are widely used by florists all over the world for making beautiful flower bouquet. Because of its thick stalk, cut tulips can stay fresh for more than a week if proper care is given. In gardens, tulips are used for making stylish beds and borders.

Tulips | 800 Flower Dubai

3. Hyacinth: Hyacinths are bell-shaped flowers that grow in dense clusters in a long stalk. They are highly fragrant and are available in a variety of colors like violet-blue, orange, yellow, peach and red. They have fleshy leaves that are glossy and deep green in color.

Hyacinths are native to Eastern Mediterranean region including Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. But nowadays, it is widely grown in Europe, North America, and some parts of Asia and South America.

Hyacinth flowers are widely used for flower arrangement as it provides a fuller feel to the arrangement. It is cultivated commercially in the Netherlands and UK. For making bouquets and other flower arrangements, Hyacinth should be cut just above the bulb from where the green color starts. It should be placed in cold water immediately after cutting to retain its freshness.

Hyacinth | 800 Flower Dubai

4. Lilac: A harbinger of the spring season, Lilacs are four-petal flowers in light purple or lilac color. Nowadays, other colors of the flower are also being grown like white, pink, and yellow. The flowers grow in a cluster and have a strong fragrance.

Lilacs are native to Southeastern Europe and Eastern Asia and grow mainly in woodlands. Nowadays it is being commonly cultivated in areas that fall under the temperate zone.

Cut flowers of lilac are used for flower arrangement by flower shop dubai. Cut the flower in the early morning or late evening when it is comparatively cool, and then transfer the flower to a vase containing warm tap water or distilled water. This flower can then be used in beautiful flower arrangements.

5. Forsythia: Forsythia is a bright yellow flower with four petals that are joined at the base. They grow in shrubs with the flowers appearing first even before the leaves. A peculiarity of Forsythia is that they do not require any special care for growth.

Native to Eastern Asia and Southeastern Europe, Forsythias are available in 11 species. Forsythia is named after the famous Scottish botanist, William Forsyth.

Forsythia is not very popular in making bouquets as they have a woody stem. But they are used in flower vases along with other flowers like tulips and daffodils. While cutting Forsythia branch, remember to immerse it immediately in a pail of water so that it does not dry.

How to Care for Spring Flowers?

Here are a few tips to take care forf spring flowers.

  • Watering: Daffodils should be watered in dry spring weather as the flowers would wither away in dry conditions. Tulips and lilac cannot withstand too much moisture. Thus, they should be watered sparingly. Hyacinth and Forsythia should be watered thoroughly for its proper growth.
  • Fertilizing: Lilac, tulips, and Forsythia should be provided with a balanced fertilizer for their growth. Daffodils and Hyacinths should be sprinkled with bulb booster fertilizer at the time of planting.
  • Mulching: Mulch can be added to spring plants to prevent the soil from drying completely.

Providing the right conditions for its growth ensures that the flowers grow fast and remain fresh for a long time.

There are a number of shops that offer spring flower delivery dubai. These shops source the best variety of spring flowers from far away countries thus ensuring that the best quality and authentic flowers reach the customers.

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