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Light up your Birthday Celebration with Candles

Birthday cakes and birthday candles go hand in hand. You can hardly imagine cutting a birthday cake without blowing out the candle. From simple pillar candles to number-shaped candles, birthday candles come in different shapes and color.

Why are candles used in birthday cakes?

Using candles in birthday cakes was an ancient Greek tradition. Greeks often burned candles on the birthday cake as a mark of offering to their moon God, Artemis. They made round cake that symbolized moon and candles were placed on the cake to represent moonlight.

The same practice was also followed by German’s who placed a large candle in the middle of the cake. For them, the candle represented the ‘light of life.’

People from different parts of the world follow the same practice with their own beliefs and superstitions. One belief is that the birthday boy/girl should make a wish before blowing out the candle. If all the candles are blown out in a single breath, then the wish of the person will be fulfilled. On the other hand, if all the candles are not blown out or if the person tells his wish to someone else, then his wish will not be fulfilled.

Number of candles to use in a cake

The number of candles to use in a birthday cake depends on the age of the person. For e.g.; if the age of the child is 7, then you should place seven candles on the cake. But nowadays, candles in the shape of numbers are available. If such candles are used, then you can select the number that denotes your age.

Novelty birthday candles with unique shape and design is another trend. Depending on the size of your cake, you can select one or two candles.

Types of birthday candles.

  • Pillar candle: This is the most commonly used candles for birthday cake. The number of candles used depends on the age of the person. The main drawback of this candle is that as the age of the person increases it becomes difficult to fix the candle on the cake surface.
  • Number candle: These are candles in the shape of your age. Thus, if your age is 40, you can place two candles in the shape of “4” and “0”. Whatever the type of cake you use, whether chocolate cake or vanilla cake, you can place the candle on the frosting.
  • Firework birthday candle: These are candles that displays a mini firework when lighted. There is no blowing involved when this candle is used. The candle is lighted just before the cake cutting and you get to see beautiful firework.
  • Musical birthday candle: This is a beautiful candle in the shape of a flower. The candle comes with a wick in the center and when it is lighted small individual candles surrounding the main candle are automatically lit and the ‘Happy birthday” song is played.
  • Letter candle: This candle has alphabets that spell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY’. The candle has wick on the top which can be lighted and blown.

Whether to light up your birthday celebration with candle or not is purely a personal choice. Some people do not like the idea of blowing off light on an auspicious day like birthday. If you are one such person, you can completely do away with using candles.

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