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Top 5 Summer Flowers To Gift Your Loved Ones

Summer weather may not be so pleasant and comfortable in Dubai. But that does not mean you cannot give beautiful flowers. Exotic varieties of flowers are sourced from different parts of the world, which you can gift to your loved ones. These flowers are preserved and stored well so that they remain fresh throughout. 

Whether it is your loved ones' birthday or anniversary, you can give the most beautiful flowers this summer. Here are the top 5 summer flowers you can give your loved ones.

  1. Summer floral bouquet

Top 5 Summer Flowers To Gift Your Loved Ones | 800 Flower

The summer floral bouquet, with its beautiful shade of pink and peach, makes a great summer flower for your lady love. The bouquet comes with pink lisianthus, pink Limonium, Julieta spray rose, and Miyabi rose. The perfect combination of peach, pink and green makes the summer floral bouquet a treat to the eyes.

     2. Summer shower

Summer Shower | 800 Flower

The perfect blend of bright and subtle shades along with greenery of the foliage, makes the summer shower a perfect gift for anyone. This beautiful bouquet is adorned with lisianthus, chrysanthemums and filler flowers that provide a vibrant look to it. The summer shower bouquet makes a great gift for anyone irrespective of the occasion.

    3. Charming summer vase arrangement

Charming summer vase arrangement | 800 Flower

If you are looking for that perfect bunch of blooms to adorn your interior, the charming summer vase arrangement is the perfect choice. With beautiful roses in peach, pink and off-white colours, the charming summer vase arrangement is a beauty in itself. You can gift it to someone close or use it as a decor piece for your side table. 

     4. Orange passion bouquet

Orange passion bouquet | 800 Flower

Orange is the color of joy and enthusiasm. This beautiful bouquet of orange, peach and off-white shades make a perfect gift for someone who brings a lot of enjoyment in your life. The bouquet comes with orange roses, spray roses and carnation beautifully arranged amidst bright green foliage. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, the orange passion bouquet makes a great choice. 

      5. Shining tulips bouquet

Shining tulips bouquet | 800 Flower

There is nothing more beautiful than the bright hue of sunshine. The shining tulips bouquet with its yellow colored tulips makes a great floral gift for summer. The beauty of the yellow color is accentuated by the bright shade of the solidago and monstera leaves. Small filler flowers in yellow color add to the beauty of the bouquet. 

What Flowers Symbolize Summer?

Sunflower symbolises summer. But it may not be possible to get sunflowers in Dubai all the time. The next best alternative is rose which grows well in warm climate. A bouquet of red roses would be apt for a loved one. But if you are gifting flowers during summer season, you can go for roses in any pastel shades as it stands for the beauty and charm of the season. 


Gifting summer flowers to your loved ones is now easy thanks to the shops offering best flower delivery Dubai. These online shops provide same day flower delivery Dubai at no extra charge. All you have to do is select the flowers of your choice and the same will be delivered to your dear ones in no time. 

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