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What Does Gifting A White Lily Symbolize?

Lilies are one of the most sought-after flowers for bouquets and arrangements. With its delicate petals in variegated shades, sweet and exotic fragrance, and long-lasting nature, lilies are a favourite of all. Whether as a birthday or anniversary gift or a bridal bouquet, lilies stand apart from other flowers.

Where Do Lily Flowers Come From?

The name lily comes from the Latin word “Lilium.” There are around 80-100 species of lilies found all over the world. The flower is native to the temperate areas of the Northern hemisphere and is found in Asia, Europe and North America. Canada is called the land of lilies as large flowers of lilies grow in this region.

Earlier, people believed that lilies grew only in forests and grasslands. But later, it was found that lilies can grow just about anywhere. This adds to the popularity of the flower. In ancient Egypt, lilies, especially blue ones, were considered as a symbol of sun and rebirth. Ancient Roman brides wore crowns made of lilies as a symbol of purity.

The flower lily has different meanings depending on the colour of the bloom. The most commonly found meaning for this flower is purity and fertility. White lilies also have different meanings and can convey a range of emotions.

White lilies are considered to be a symbol of purity and virginity. Because of this reason, the flower is widely used in Christian weddings as a bridal bouquet. It is also used as a center table decor for weddings.

Another meaning of white lily is innocence. The flower is gifted to new parents at the birth of a baby. White lilies are also used as a funeral flower as it depicts the innocence of the departed soul that is finally returning to its place of peace.

What Are The Different Types Of White Lilies?

  • Madonna lily

These are lilies that are native to the Middle East. The Madonna lilies grow the bulb at ground level. The leaves grow during winter and die during the following summer. The flowers come in pure white with a tinted yellow in the center. It grows to 2-3 inches and comes with a sweet fragrance. Madonna lilies make an excellent choice for flower beds and borders.

  • Oriental lily

Oriental lilies are native to Japan and blooms for a long time. Apart from white, they also bloom in pink colour with yellow stamen. They grow to a height of 4-5 feet and need 8 hours of sunlight a day. You should keep the plant moderately moist for its healthy growth.

  • Golden ray lily

These flowers are also indigenous to Japan. It comes with soft white petals with yellow stripes at the center. Some flowers have dark or pink spots scattered across the petals. This flower grows to a height of 3-4 feet and thrives well in acidic to neutral soil.

White lilies make an excellent gift for all occasions. With its delicate petals and elegant look, they make a great choice for all types of flower arrangements.

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