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Gift A New Born Baby

Top 5 Flower Arrangements To Gift A New Born Baby

A newborn brings a lot of love and happiness to the parent’s life. To congratulate the parents on their newfound status, flower bouquets are usually gifted to them. These bouquets are carefully made with the right flowers to convey the right emotion to the parents. 

Usually, pink flowers are gifted for baby girls and white and blue bouquets for baby boys. But nowadays, it is more about sharing happiness than the colour of the flowers. Let us look at a few beautiful flower arrangements you can gift a newborn baby.

1. Little Princess in a box

Little Princess in a box | 800 Flower

This is a beautiful and compact newborn gift for the birth of a baby girl. The gift comes with a box of pink roses with a baby girl topper. A small white teddy bear comes with flowers to provide an adorable look. A golden leaf topper along with other filler flowers completes the look of the box. The highlight of this box is pink and golden balloons that blend with the pink and golden design of the bouquet. 

2. Prince charming vase arrangement

Prince charming vase arrangement | 800 Flower

The Prince charming vase arrangement is the perfect gift for the birth of a baby boy. This beautiful arrangement comes with white O’Hara roses, blue hydrangea and spray roses. The baby boy topper and blue fan motif add to the beauty of the flower arrangement. This beautiful flower arrangement is presented in a clear glass vase that accentuates its beauty. 

3. Vivid youth box arrangement

Vivid youth box arrangement  | 800 Flower

This beautiful box arrangement comes with gypsum flowers in yellow and blue shades. Pink and white roses add to the beauty of the arrangement. A pink-coloured baby girl topper is also added to the arrangement making it the best gift for parents of a baby girl. All the flowers are beautifully arranged in a pale blue box with satin ribbons.

The same flower arrangement is also available with a baby boy topper. 

4. Pink hydrangea bouquet

Pink hydrangea bouquet | 800 Flower

As delicate and beautiful as a newborn, this pink hydrangea makes an excellent gift for parents of a baby girl. This bunch of beautiful hydrangeas neatly wrapped in a brown paper also makes an excellent gift for a female friend or colleague. 

5. Graceful purity - Baby boy flower box

Graceful purity - Baby boy flower box - 800 Flower

This large flower box makes a great gift for the parents of a newborn baby boy. This flower box comes with O’hara roses and spray roses along with other beautiful flowers in blue colour. A small white teddy bear and baby boy topper add to the cuteness of the flower arrangement. The highlight of the flower arrangement is the blue and white balloons that add a special charm to it. 


Flowers are one of the best gifts you can give new parents when visiting them at the hospital. By gifting flowers, you are not only congratulating the new parents but also wishing the new mother a speedy recovery from the aches and pains of childbirth.   

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