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White Orchids At Home

How To Take Care Of White Orchids At Home?

Orchids are exotic flowers that grow both indoors and outdoors. With delicate and bright coloured petals and wax-coated leaves, they are a treat to the eyes. You can grow them indoors in small pots and outdoors in coconut husk and pots. 

White orchids or phalaenopsis orchids are very popular among the different varieties of orchids. They symbolise purity and innocence and make an excellent flower for home décor and gifting. Being delicate flowers, orchids need special treatment to retain their freshness. 

How To Take Care Of Orchids At Home?


Orchids need bright light for their healthy growth. But you should not place it directly under the sun as it can be too harsh on the plant. An east-facing window that gets a lot of morning light is ideal. You can also place it in a south or west-facing window, but make sure that the plant does not get direct sunlight. 


Once a week watering is enough for orchids. During summer, you might have to water more frequently. You should water the plant thoroughly and let the soil dry off completely before watering again. Ensure that the pot has drainage holes so that excess water can drain out. It would be best if you did not allow the plant to sit in a saucer full of water as it can cause root rot. You can mist the plant once in a while to keep it hydrated. But you should not allow water to sit on the leaves.


Orchids require a special orchid medium for their healthy growth. This medium consists of bark, cork, moss and even brick pieces. This growing medium, water, and fertilizer help the plant to grow healthy. 


Light fertilising in a 20-20-20 ratio is essential for orchids. It is best to fertilise the plant once a week. Liquid fertiliser is better than powder as it provides the plant with better nutrition in less time.


For healthy growth, orchids need a daytime temperature between 20-30 degrees Celsius. If you place the plant near the window sill, remember that the temperature keeps fluctuating throughout the day. You might have to move the plant to adjust the temperature. 


Pruning the plant at regular intervals promotes new growth. But make sure to use sharp scissors or knives for pruning. Also, removing fading blooms is best, so the plant can spend all its energy on new blooms. 

Pests and insects

Aphids, fungus, and mealy birds are a few insects that affect the plant. If you spot any of these insects, you should wash the plant gently with water. Applying liquid dish soap and rubbing alcohol helps reduce pest infestation. 

If you received orchids as a gift, chances are high that it is potted in an ordinary plastic pot. This can affect the life of the plant. Orchids need unique orchid pots for their healthy growth. These pots have long drainage slits or gaps that allow water to drain out. It is always best to re-pot the plant to an orchid pot to ensure healthy growth. 

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