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Learn More About Rose Flowers

When you think of a bouquet, the first thought that comes to your mind is a bouquet of roses. Such is the popularity of rose flower that it is widely used for various functions and celebrations all over the world.

Rose are beautiful flowers that belong to the Rosacea family and appear as brightly colored flowers at the tip of a branch. There are hundreds of species of rose flower with most of the varieties originating from Asia. Few rose flowers are native to Europe and North America as well.

Rose flowers are found in different sizes and colors like red, white, pink, and yellow. Their size can range from ½” to 2” in diameter.

Types of Roses

There are different types of roses with their distinct color, size, and smell. Broadly, roses are divided into three categories – Wild, old garden, and modern garden roses – with each of the groups having different rose varieties.

Wild Rose

Wild Roses or species roses are climbing plants that belong to the shrub variety. They are natural species and are not hybridized. They require minimal maintenance as they grow in the wild. Roses that belongs to this variety are huge and can be found throughout the northern hemisphere.

Old Garden Rose

These are roses that belongs to the non-hybridized category. These roses have a strong fragrance and can withstand diseases as well as cold. They usually bloom during the summer months. The most common old garden roses are:

Alba Roses: These roses are available in pink and white with bluish green foliage. They bloom during the late spring or early summer and can resist diseases. They require low maintenance.

Bourbon Rose: These roses are pink to pinkish red with a sweet fragrance. They are cupped shaped and is considered a cross between China and Damask roses.

Centifolia Rose: Otherwise called the cabbage rose, the petals of these roses are thin and overlaps like a cabbage. These roses are large and are available in white and pink colors. Because of their strong smell, they are used for making perfumes.

Tea Rose: These are roses that are native to China. This beautiful rose has a fragrance similar to the Chinese black tea and hence the name. These roses are available in a variety of colors like pink, white, and yellow. The peculiarity of tea rose is their petals that curl outwards.

Hybrid Perpetual Rose: These are roses which were commonly used by florist in the past. These roses have a sweet fragrance and are available in pink, purple, red, and white.

Modern Garden Rose

  • Hybrid Tea Rose: As the name suggests, this is a hybrid variety of rose that is developed by cross-breeding tea rose and hybrid perpetual. This flower belongs to the garden roses variety and has large flowers with a bud in the center. Hybrid tea rose produces a sweet scent typical of roses. It is available in several shades like purple, red, orange, white, and pink. Hybrid tea roses are mostly used in flower bouquet.
  • Floribunda Rose: Floribunda rose is a cross between hybrid tea and polyantha rose. They are found in colors like orange, purple, pink, and white. These types of roses grow as a cluster, and hence, it is also called spray rose. Because of their small size and clustered appearance, they are mostly used for landscaping in parks and other public places as well as a filler flower for flower arrangements.
  • Grandiflora Rose: This variety of rose is a cross between hybrid tea and floribunda rose. These roses are large and grow either as a single flower or a cluster of 3-5.

Facts About Roses

  • Rose is a pre-historic flower. Fossils of rose dating back to 35 million years have been found in Colorado.
  • Rose had a sacred place in ancient Egypt. It is found in the various Egyptian tombs and were also given as an offering for Goddess Isis.
  • Each color of rose has a special meaning. While red rose stands for romantic love, yellow stands for friendship.
  • There are no black roses per se. Red or purple roses of very dark shade are referred to as black rose.
  • The leading exporter of rose in the world is the Netherlands.
  • Rose petals are edible, and it is used for making jam and syrup.
  • Rose water is used for beauty purpose.
  • Roil oil is used in the fragrance industry.

Caring for Roses

  • Water: Rose need plenty of water for its lush growth. You should water the plants once 2-3 inches of the topsoil becomes dry. While watering, make sure that you water deeply so that the entire root gets watered. Sprinkling is not enough for rose plants. Once in a while, you can water the plant from the top. But make sure that you water early in the morning so that the water dries by evening.
  • Soil: Roses can grow in any type of soil provided it drains well. Go for soil with a lot of decayed organic matter. Before planting, the soil PH level should also be checked to ensure that it is between 6.5 and 7.
  • All weeds growing near the rose should be pulled out, and mulch should be added for its proper growth. Mulch should consist of dead leaves, compost, and dry grass. Mulching helps to maintain the temperature of the soil and helps the plant to grow properly.
  • Fertilizer: You can use organic fertilizers like compost, manure, bone meal, and fish fertilizer for your plant. If you are using chemical fertilizer, you should go for a balanced one consisting of an equal quantity of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

Roses are one of the favorite flowers of flower shop Dubai. This is because they are available in different sizes and shapes and can be easily combined with other flowers Dubai for making beautiful flower arrangements.


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