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What Maintenance Do My Dubai Flower Boxes Need?

How To Take Care of Flower Boxes Dubai?

The best way to enhance a person’s mood is by gifting them flowers. The beautiful look, sweet fragrance and bright hue can relieve stress and anxiety and calm the mind. This could be why flowers are given as gifts for various occasions. 

Happy birthday flowers and chocolates are the most sought-after gift for birthdays. However, flower boxes Dubai is also gifted during birthdays nowadays. These flower boxes make an excellent gift owing to the artistic way the flowers are arranged.

What is a flower box?

A flower box is a box or basket in which flowers are beautifully arranged. The box will have foam at the base on which the flowers are arranged. The foam can also hold water, providing enough hydration to the flowers. 

A flower box makes an excellent gift for those who do not have time to take care of flowers. The flowers do not require any vase for the arrangement as it is neatly arranged in the box. Moreover, you need not water the flower as the box will have enough water for hydration. The flowers arranged in a box usually stay fresh for 2-3 days. 

How to take care of flower boxes?

  • Water

The flower box typically comes with foam soaked in water. This keeps the flower fresh. If the foam is drying up, you can pour more water to keep the foam hydrated. This will eventually provide enough water to the flowers and keep them fresh for a week.

Once in a few days, you can cut the flower stem at a 45-degree angle. This provides a fresh opening for the water to enter the flower. Moreover, cutting the stem at an angle increases the surface area. Thus, more water can enter the flower. 

  • Sunlight

Like a flower bouquet, you should keep the flower box away from direct sunlight as it can dry out the flowers. You should always keep it in a cool place, away from direct heat and dryness. 

Also, remember to keep the flower box away from fresh fruits. This is because fruits emit ethylene gas that causes the deterioration of the flowers. 

  • Flower food

Once in a while, you can add flower food to the water to prolong the life of the flowers. You can purchase flower food from a florist Dubai or make it yourself. 

You can make flower food by mixing two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of sugar and ½ teaspoon of bleach in the water. 

  • Clear the box

It would help if you always kept the box clean and clear while placing cut flowers. This ensures that the water and the entire box remain free from bacterial contamination. You should remove any fallen leaves or petals, as they can be the breeding ground for bacteria. 

Where should you place the flower box?

Since flower boxes are relatively large, they require space. If you have a large flower box, tables are the best choice. You can place the flower box at the centre of the dining table or coffee table. Another option is to place them on the console in the hallway. 

If you have square flower boxes, you can place the same on the side table. The bedside table is another area where you can place flower boxes. But make sure that the flowers do not emit a strong fragrance to disturb your sleep. 


Several online flower shops offer flowers and chocolates in Dubai. Flower box is the latest trend in which exotic and beautiful flowers are arranged in a box. The box will have foam soaked in water, providing proper hydration to the flowers. Flower boxes are a great choice if you are looking for a unique gift that stays fresh in the recipient’s mind. 

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