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Eight Myths Regarding Indoor Plants

Indoor Plant Maintenance Myth

Growing indoor plants have become a fad nowadays. The elegant look it provides and its ability to clean indoor air has made indoor plants a much sought-after decor piece in homes. 

Indoor plants are available in different varieties. While some are easy to maintain, others require constant care. Once you start growing indoor plants, you get a lot of opinions from other plant growers. The opinions and suggestions are endless, from what to feed the plant to how to water it. While some are useful, others can be just a myth. 

What are the popular indoor plant myths and the truth behind them?

  • Myth 1

You should water the plant daily.

Fact: Unlike outdoor plants that are exposed to direct sunlight, indoor plants do not require daily watering. Moreover, the watering requirement varies from plant to plant. Most indoor plants are easy to maintain and require water only when the top soil is dry. Too much watering can cause root rot and decay of the plant. 

  • Myth 2

You should plant indoor plants in large pots for them to grow.

Fact: The pot size should be in proportion to the size of the plant. If you plant a small plant in a large pot, a lot of soil will surround it. When you water the plant, the soil stays wet for a long. This can result in root rot. Thus, you should select the pot in proportion to the size of the plant. If the pot breaks as the plant grows, it indicates that you need to change the size of the pot. 

  • Myth 3

Plants are not safe for pets or kids.

Fact: This depends on the type of plant. Common indoor plants like spider plants, sword fern, parlour palms and prayer plants are non-toxic. Thus, you can grow them in houses with kids and pets. If you have kids and pets at home, checking the plant's toxicity before purchasing the same is a good idea. 

  • Myth 4

Overwatering of plants causes yellowing of leaves.

Fact: Overwatering is not the only cause of the yellowing of leaves. It can be caused by various factors like inadequate light, excess fertiliser, and poor soil quality. 

  • Myth 5

You should water the plant only with distilled water and not tap water. 

Fact: This myth does not hold good in all cases. You can water most of the plants with tap water. But if the alkalinity of the water is high, it can harm the plant. In such a case, it is better to water the plant with distilled water.  

  • Myth 6

Indoor plants do not need fertiliser.

Fact: Like outdoor plants, indoor plants also need fertiliser for their growth. However, excess fertiliser can cause burning of the root and discolouration of leaves. Thus, you should always apply fertiliser in adequate quantity. 

  • Myth 7

You should provide plant food to sick plants to revive them. 

Fact: Fertilizing a sick plant is the last thing you should do. Fertilising an already dying plant can burn its leaves and hasten the dying process. Thus, if you feel the plant may not survive for long, leave it as such. 

  • Myth 8

Plants that require low light can be kept in the dark.

Fact: Low-light plants can indeed be kept in the dark. But the plant should be kept in sunlight for a while to grow healthy.


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