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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

How To Decorate Your Interior With Flowers?

Add Brightness To Your Interior With Flower Bouquet

The best way to pep up a dull room is by using bright flowers for decor. Bright flowers provide a vibrant look and feel and can instantly uplift the room. Flowers with fragrance can freshen up the room, providing a new lease of life. 

A flower bouquet is perfect if you want to add different colours to your interiors. You can transform the room's overall look by carefully selecting a bouquet with the right type of flowers.

How May Flowers Be Used To Adorn Your Home?

  • Hallway

The hallway is the first place your guests see when they enter your home. Keep a table in the hallway and decorate it with a vase with brightly coloured flowers. Make sure that the flowers you select stand out against the overall shade of the hallway. 

  • Living room

The best way to decorate the living room with flowers is to keep them on the coffee table. A large bunch of vibrant hues on the coffee table is sure to capture the attention of all. You can also keep a flower bouquet on the side table to strike a balance in decor. 

  • Bedroom

The bedside table is the right place to showcase some beautiful blooms. By placing flowers near your bed, you are accentuating the room's beauty and creating the right ambience for relaxation. 

Bright Coloured Flower Bouquets For Your Interiors

  • 12 pink roses

If you want to pep up your little girl’s room with some bright hues, this simple bouquet with 12 pink roses would be a great choice. It also makes excellent happy birthday flowers which you can gift with some chocolates

  • Vivid youth bouquet

Provide a youthful vibe to the interiors with the vivid youth bouquet. This bouquet is artfully arranged with beautiful gypsum flowers in shades of pink, blue, yellow and orange. Place this bouquet on a clear glass vase on the side table; it can instantly uplift the room. 

  • Candylicious

Resembling a beautiful mix of candies, the candylicious bouquet has beautiful roses in red, yellow, peach and purple shades. This is a round bouquet you can place on the room's side table. 

  • Garden bliss vase

A perfect blend of flowers in all colours and types makes the garden bliss vase stand out. The bouquet has blue, pink and off-white hydrangeas and peach and off-white roses that look stunning. The bright green foliage between the flowers completes the look of the bouquet. 

  • 36 red roses

Want to add a bright red hue to the room for that ultimate look? This beautiful flower bouquet with 36 red roses would be a perfect choice. You can use this as a centre table decor as it instantly grabs visitors' attention and creates a striking impression.

  • Hydrangea delight vase arrangement

This is an arrangement of stunning hydrangeas in vibrant colours. In this beautiful vase arrangement, you can find hydrangeas in green, blue, off-white, and pink shades. This is a round arrangement done on a clear glass vase and makes an ideal side table decor.  

  • Midnight raspberry in a vase

If the bright hue of raspberry is what you want for your interior, the midnight raspberry is a perfect choice. This beautiful flower arrangement with red and dark pink roses provides a vibrant look to your interiors. 

  • Julieta raspberry delight in vase

This is another stunning flower arrangement in pink shade. The arrangement comes with light pink hydrangeas, dark pink and white roses, and filler flowers. Bright great foliage adds to the beauty of the flower arrangement.  

Get the best flower bouquet from florist Dubai and change the overall look of your interiors. 

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