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Why Are Flowers Given To Welcome Someone?

Best welcome flowers from Flower Shop Dubai

The best way to welcome a person is by giving a bouquet. Whether welcoming a dignitary at an event or your dear friend at the airport, a flower bouquet can do the talk. Giving a bouquet shows how much you care for the person.

You can gift any type of flower bouquet to welcome a person. But if you want to convey a specific message, you should select the flowers wisely. 

Why are flowers given to welcome someone?

Flowers have the power to change a person's mood. With vibrant colours and beautiful fragrances, it can make a person happy. So, when you want to welcome and greet a person, a bunch of flowers becomes the first choice. 

Besides, flowers carry a whole lot of emotions. From joy to love and affection, you can convey your feelings clearly by giving a bunch of flowers. By greeting your dear one at the airport with a bunch of red roses, you convey that you are madly in love with them. To welcome a dear friend, you can give them a bunch of yellow tulips or roses as yellow is the colour of friendship. 

Which are the best welcome flowers you can give? 

  • Philippa bouquet

  • Purple roses, O'Hara roses and white bombastic roses make the Philippa bouquet an elegant piece to welcome a dignitary. Since purple is a feminine colour, this bouquet would be a good choice for a female. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes, and you can select one based on the budget. 

  • 12 orange roses
  • As the name implies, this is a simple bouquet with 12 beautiful orange roses. Orange roses symbolise joy. Thus, this bouquet would make an excellent welcome gift for your friend whom you are meeting after a long. 

  • Hera bouquet
  • With its elegant pink lilies, the Hera bouquet makes an excellent welcome gift. The sheer beauty of lilies and the feminine touch of the pink shade make it an excellent welcome bouquet for a bride on her wedding day. 

  • Rose garden

  • Want to welcome your beloved to your life? Gift them the rose garden! The rose garden is a box arrangement with 25 beautiful red roses. The black box used for the arrangement contrasts the flowers' red shade, thus making the whole arrangement stand out. 

  • Prince charming vase arrangement

  • This is a newborn bouquet to welcome a baby boy to his new life. The bouquet has white O'Hara roses, blue hydrangeas and spray roses. A baby boy topper adds to the uniqueness of the bouquet. The bouquet is placed in a clear glass vase for that ultimate look. 

  • Pink bliss bouquet

  • Want to welcome a special guest to a hotel? The pink bliss bouquet makes a great choice. This is a pastel bouquet of white and pink O'Hara roses and pink hydrangeas. Greens are added in between to provide an elegant look to the bouquet. 

  • Rustic bloom in vase

  • Hotels typically decorate the room with beautiful flowers to welcome guests. One such arrangement you can use is the rustic bloom in a vase. This is a pastel shade bouquet with pink and peach roses and other filler flowers in pastel shades. 


    Giving flowers is the best way to welcome a person. Depending on the relationship you share with the person, you can gift them luxury flowers Dubai or a bunch of simple flowers. The flower shop in Dubai stocks up on a variety of flowers. If you are unsure which flower to choose, florist Dubai can help you select the perfect flower bouquet. 


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