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Transform Your Party with Balloon Decorations: Tips and Ideas

How to use balloons for party decoration?

If you want a fun, easy way to add decoration for your upcoming gathering or celebration, balloons are a perfect choice! Balloons offer an inexpensive and customisable solution not just for children's parties but also for functions involving adults. 

You can use balloons for decorating a variety of events, like bachelor/bachelorette parties, baby showers, and wedding events, apart from birthday bashes. Once you start planning the party with balloons as the focal point of decor, you will be amazed at how far they can take the festivities! The key to decorating with balloons is learning how to pair them in colour schemes and configurations that will bring both drama and cheer. 

Which are the different ways you can use balloons for decoration?

  • Balloon backdrop

One of the popular ways to use balloons for decoration is to create a backdrop behind the party table. This provides a backdrop for the guests to take pictures. 

To do this, you’ll want to select one or two colours of balloons and arrange them in a pattern or simply fill the wall. For eg; if it is a girls birthday, you can use white and pink balloon to decorate the wall. You can also use birthday flowers along with balloons to provide a stunning look. 

  • Number balloons

Number balloons are also a popular party decor item. This is mainly used for milestone birthdays like sweet 16 or 18. You can also use number balloons to decorate the event for a wedding anniversary. Stick number balloons on the wall and decorate it with beautiful luxury flowers. 

  • Hanging upside down

Hanging the balloons upside down along with beautiful love flowers is another way of decorating for an event. You can either hang the balloons as a backdrop or directly from the ceiling. All you have to do is to use some strings and tapes to hang the balloons from the ceiling. 

  • Balloon arch

Balloon arch makes a wonderful decor especially at the entrance. Whatever the occasion may be, you can decorate the entrance with a balloon arch. You can either use balloons of the same colour or contrast colours to decorate the arch. 

  • Balloon columns

If you have columns on the party venue, you can cover the same with beautiful balloons. If you do not have natural columns, you can use large chunks of thermocol and wrap them with balloons. Balloon columns can be used for decorating all types of events. If it is a baby shower, you can use New Baby Flowers as well for decorating the column. 


Decorating a venue with balloons is rather easy now as flower shops near me and online flower shop Dubai sells balloons in different colours and patterns. If you are buying flowers Dubai through flower shop online, you can order balloons along with it. is the best flower shop in Dubai that offers balloon delivery along with flower delivery Dubai. All you have to do is specify the type of balloons you want and the same will be delivered along with flowers. 


What are the different types of balloons available for decoration?

A few of the popular balloons that are available for decoration are happy birthday balloons, love balloons, baby boy and baby girl balloons, and congratulations balloons. Apart from this you will also get number balloons that make great decorative piece for birthday and anniversaries. 

Which are the best quality balloons?

Balloons are available in latex and helium latex of which helium latex balloons are the best. These balloons can be filled with either air or helium and generally lasts for up to 4 days. 

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