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Orchids 101: Beginner's Guide to Growing and Caring

Everything you need to know about orchids

Orchids are one of the most beautiful and captivating luxury flowers that add a perfect touch to any space. From large and showy blooms to small varieties, all sizes of orchids are sure to catch your eye. 

But beyond their stunning appearance, have you ever wondered what makes the orchid so special? Here is our blog post on why orchids are so beloved worldwide to tips for caring for orchids.  

Why are orchids considered special flowers?

Orchids are considered the most unique and captivating flowers worldwide. This could be due to their intricate shapes, vivid colours, and exotic appeal. But there is much more to orchids than meets the eye.

For starters, orchids have an incredibly long lifespan than other flowering plants. Depending on their variety, they can stay fresh for 6-8 weeks and even several months. For example, Phalaenopsis orchids can stay fresh for 14 to 21 days, whereas cymbidium can stay for up to three months.

The incredible range of variety is another factor that makes the orchid a special flower. With over 25,000 species, there's something for everyone. From the smallest and most delicate to larger and more dramatic blooms, you won't be disappointed when searching for the perfect orchid

Besides, they are available in various colours in the flower shop near me. From vibrant pinks and purples to charming yellow and white, you will find a wide range in both offline and online flower shop Dubai. 

What are the tips to take care of orchids?

  • Watering

Orchids need to be watered once a week during winter and twice during summer. The size of the container also plays a role in deciding the watering duration. Orchids in 4-inch pots should be watered once in 5 to 6 days, whereas larger pots can be watered once weekly. 

While watering, you should empty any water that collects in the pot after watering. This helps prevent root rot.

  • Fertilising

Fertilise your orchid every other week with a balanced fertiliser that is low in nitrogen. You can also use a specialised orchid fertiliser to feed the plant. But you should follow the directions carefully, as too much fertiliser can damage the plant.

  • Light

Orchids prefer bright, indirect light and can thrive in an east or south-facing window. If you cannot access natural light, you can grow orchids under artificial lights. But you should ensure the plant gets at least 14 hours of light daily.

  • Temperature

Orchids prefer a temperature between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius during the day and around 10 degree Celsius at night. You should also mist the plant regularly to maintain the humidity level. 

  • Air circulation

Good air circulation is very important for orchids to thrive. Placing your orchid in an area with a gentle breeze is best. An open window or balcony can be a good choice. You can also use a fan to create a gentle breeze around your orchid.


Orchids are stunning flowers that can be a beautiful addition to your home. However, caring for them can be a challenge for those who are not familiar with these delicate plants. Having a good knowledge of the flower and how to care for it goes a long way in nurturing beautiful and bright blooms. 

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