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When it's so easy to send flowers online to Dubai, why would you do it?

Why Send Flowers Online Dubai When It Is Easily Available?

In Dubai, flowers are readily available everywhere. From supermarkets to corner shops, you will find simple flower bouquets of different types and colours. You can quickly grab these flower bouquets on the way to work or home. 

Why should you then place an online order of flower bouquets? What makes flowers online Dubai special? Is it easier to place orders online than purchasing them from nearby shops? Let us look at a few of the benefits of purchasing flowers online. 

Why should you send flowers online?


  • Availability of exotic flowers


Most online stores stock a variety of flowers. These flowers are unique and exotic and are sourced from farms worldwide. You can purchase exotic varieties like tulips, sunflowers, hydrangeas, and lilies only from online stores. Moreover, professional florists in online stores can uniquely arrange the flowers, adding to their exclusivity. 

Most supermarkets and neighbourhood stores stock up on easy-moving flowers like roses. Thus, online flowers are the best choice if you want to surprise your dear one with some exotic flowers. 


  • Possibility of doing customised designs


Most local flower shops offer simple floral arrangements. There is little scope for customisation, as they may not have the expertise for the same. 

On the other hand, an online flower shop will have florists trained and experienced to make exclusive flower arrangements. If you have any specific flower arrangement requirements, they can easily accommodate the same. You can either specify the requirement online or over the phone. 


  • Availability of add-ons


Flowers are not the only products that online flower shops sell. They also sell other add-on gifts like chocolates, cakes, cookies, candles and greeting cards. Thus, online flower shops are a perfect choice if you want to order additional gifts along with flower bouquets.  

If you shop from an offline store, you need to purchase the gift separately, which can be time-consuming. 


  • Saves time


If you go past a flower shop on the way home or work, it is easy to purchase flowers. But what if there are no shops selling flowers nearby? You have to spend your precious time looking for flower shops that cater to your requirement. This can be a time-consuming process. 

Online flower shops, on the other hand, makes flower purchase easy for you. You can place an order at the click of a mouse, and they will deliver the flowers at the time specified. 


  • Fast delivery


Through an online flower shop, it is not only easy to place an order, but the delivery is also fast. Most online flower shops offer same-day delivery of flowers. Thus, you need not worry about the recipient not getting flowers on time. 

In the case of an offline shop, you need to put extra time and effort into meeting the recipient in person and handing over the flower bouquet. 


  • Possibility of checking the price


Online shops list the price of every flower bouquet on the site. Thus, you get a clear idea about the price before purchasing. Offline stores also display the price of the flowers. But checking the price of each flower can be cumbersome and embarrassing for some. 


Whether you are in Dubai or abroad, online flower shops are a boon for delivering flowers. These shops stock up on a variety of exotic flowers, which may not be readily available in a neighbourhood store. Moreover, it is also possible to customise the flower arrangement per your requirements. Because of all the above reasons, it is best to send flowers online than purchase them from a nearby store. 

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