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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

Send flowers to Dubai Same Day Delivery to celebrate Diwali

Celebrate Diwali with flowers Dubai Same Day Delivery

Dubai is a multicultural society with people settling here from different parts of the world. Indians form the vast majority of the population. As such, Indian festivals are celebrated with much enthusiasm in Dubai. 

One such festival that is celebrated by Indians all over Dubai is Diwali. The ‘festival of light’ sees Indian households decorating their home with beautiful fairy lights and diyas. People get together for puja and feast, and firecrackers are bursted to celebrate the festival. 

What is Diwali?

Diwali, or “festival of lights”, is one of the major festivals celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. It is believed that Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya with his wife, Sita, after defeating Ravana on this auspicious day. In some parts of India, the festival is celebrated over five days, with people worshiping

 Goddess Lakshmi, God Ganesha, Vishnu, Rama and Sita. 

Leading to the days of Diwali, people clean up their houses and decorate them with rangoli and diyas. On the day of Diwali, special pujas are conducted. People visit each other with gifts and sweets and burst firecrackers together. 

Which are the best floral gifts for Diwali? 

Diwali is all about gifting. Traditionally Indian sweets like ladoo, burfi, halwa and pedas are gifted during Diwali. But if you want to go all healthy and not gift sweets, flowers form an excellent gift for the occasion. 

Below are a few flowers you can gift your dear ones during Diwali. 

  • Philippa bouquet
  • The Philippa bouquet follows a monochromatic colour scheme and makes an ideal Diwali gift for a family. The bouquet has white O’Hara roses, bombastic spray roses, and purple roses beautifully arranged in a white bouquet wrapper. The purple filler flowers and green foliage add to the bouquet's beauty. 

  • Penelope bouquet 
  • The Penelope bouquet, with its pink shades, makes a great Diwali gift for a female colleague or friend. This bouquet also follows a monochromatic colour scheme and has pink roses and peonies beautifully arranged. The bright green foliage provides an elegant look to the bouquet. 

  • Athena bouquet
  • Want to gift a dash of colours during Diwali? The Athena bouquet makes a perfect choice. The bouquet has pink and lavender roses, pink hydrangea, bright green eucalyptus leaves and other filler flowers. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes for you to select from. 

  • Candylicious
  • An assortment of roses is what makes the bouquet stand out. The Candylicious bouquet is designed with yellow, orange, red, purple and off-white roses beautifully wrapped in a bouquet wrap. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes, which you can choose based on your budget. 

  • Selene bouquet
  • The beautiful assortment of pink, purple, and white makes the Selene bouquet stand out. The bouquet has pink and white roses and purple filler flowers and foliage, making it a unique piece. The assortment of flowers and colours makes this bouquet an excellent gift for family and friends.  

  • Charming summer vase arrangement
  • A perfect mix of off-white and peach makes this a stunning gift for Diwali. The vase arrangement comes with cream and peach roses with small filler flowers. Bright green foliage adds to the beauty of the arrangement. 

    The bouquet is placed in a clear glass vase, making it the ultimate side table decor. 


    Though an Indian festival, Diwali is celebrated by one and all in Dubai. People visit each other's homes and exchange gifts to share their happiness. Though traditional Diwali sweets are exchanged as gifts, flowers are also becoming a favourite among many. The easy availability of exotic flowers and the ease with which you can place online orders make a flower bouquet an excellent gift for Diwali. 

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