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Flowers can create a statement wherever it is placed. The same applies to the office as well. Keeping a bunch of flowers on the office table can provide a new dimension to the office decor. It creates a fresh and rejuvenated feel and a positive atmosphere in the office. 

Flowers are known to provide several benefits to your mental health. It can reduce stress and anxiety and boost your overall productivity. Thus, decorating your office table with a bunch of flowers is the best way to prep up the office space. 

How to select flowers for office space?

It would be best to consider the below aspects before selecting flowers for office space. 

  • Display area

You should first consider the area where you want to display the flower. Do you want to display it in the boardroom or the reception? The type of flower arrangement you select should depend on where you display the flowers. 

Rounded bouquets will be a good choice if you want flowers for the boardroom. Or you can even consider a runner-style arrangement for a boardroom table. For large reception areas, flower boxes would be a good option. 

  • Placement 

Flowers need the right temperature, humidity and carbon-di-oxide for their healthy survival. Thus, it would be best to place flowers in an area where proper air circulation is available. For this reason, you should never place flowers between furniture where air circulation is low. 

You should also avoid placing flowers in high-traffic areas as it can affect their healthy survival. If you want to keep flowers in high-traffic areas like the restroom, figure out a place where the traffic is relatively low and place flowers there. 

  • Type of flowers

Once you have decided on the place, you should now decide the type of flower to display. If you plan to place flowers on office tables, consider short and bushy flowers like roses and hydrangeas. On the other hand, if you want to create a bold style statement, large bouquets of sunflowers would look good. 

You should also consider the size of the table when selecting flowers. Large flowers on a small table and vice versa will look awkward. The flowers you select should be in proportion to the table size. 

  • Water

Flowers need regular maintenance to prolong their life. Before purchasing the flower, you should get proper care instructions from the flower shop. You should change the water in the flower vase regularly. This prevents the breeding of bacteria and other contaminants. Also, adding warm water helps in better nutrient uptake. You should also clean and rinse the vase thoroughly before adding new water.   

  • Flower food

Like water, flower food is also highly essential to prolong the life of cut flowers. Flower food contains all the necessary nutrients that prevent wilting of flowers. Most flower food contains sugar, citric acid, and bleach. While sugar forms food for the flower, citric acid regulates the pH level of the water. Bleach prevents the growth of bacteria in the water. 

Flower foods are readily available from flower shops nearby. If needed, you can also prepare it yourself by mixing all three ingredients. 


Flowers in office space offer a lot of health benefits. It reduces the pollutants in the office space and improves indoor air quality. While the bright colour and sweet smell of fresh flowers are pleasing to the eyes, it also helps create a positive atmosphere in the office. 

Moreover, seeing flowers in the office can reduce stress and anxiety and boost your overall productivity. This is why plants and flowers are used abundantly in modern office spaces. 

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