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Which are the most popular flower arrangements?

A bunch of flowers tied with a beautiful ribbon is what comes to your mind when you think of a flower bouquet. This is the most popular form of flower arrangement that the best flower shop in Dubai offers. 

But do you know that there are different flower arrangements for different occasions? While some are ideal for gifting, others look best when used for decor purposes. Each arrangement has a unique style that distinguishes it from the rest. 

Popular flower arrangement for flower delivery Dubai

  • Fan-shaped arrangement

As the name implies, the flowers and leaves are arranged in the shape of a fan in this type of arrangement. You can use the same type and colour or different types of flowers for this arrangement. Any space between the flowers is filled with small filler flowers, thus providing a fuller look. 

  • Vertical arrangement

The vertical arrangement is the most popular flower arrangement done by shops offering flower delivery Dubai. In this type of arrangement, flowers are arranged vertically in vases. A combination of different types of flowers in different colours and shapes is used for this arrangement.  

  • Horizontal arrangement

In this type of arrangement, flowers of different colours and shapes are arranged horizontally in rows or in a zig-zag manner. The arrangement of flowers in flower box Dubai is another type of horizontal arrangement. Fragrant flowers are typically used for horizontal flower arrangements. 

  • Elliptical arrangement

When flowers are arranged in the shape of an ellipse, it is called an elliptical arrangement. Bright coloured flowers like roses, sunflowers, lilies, dahlia and lotus are used for this arrangement. The peculiarity of this arrangement is that the flowers are carefully selected to strike a contrast. Thus, it is a great gift for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. 

  • Oval arrangement

Here flowers and leaves are carefully cut to form an oval shape. This type of arrangement can be done for bouquets, baskets or even for a bunch of flowers. Because of its dense look, the oval arrangement is mainly used for venue decor. 

  • Triangular arrangement

The flower with the longest stem is placed in the centre in a triangular arrangement. Flowers are then arranged on either side of the centre flower to create a triangular shape. The triangular arrangement is an elaborate arrangement that is used for wedding ceremonies. The arrangement is made in a basket for that elegant look. 

  • Crescent arrangement

In this type of arrangement, flowers are arranged in the shape of a crescent. The flowers and leaves are carefully selected to form the letter “C”. Glossy flower wraps and leaves are used to maintain the shape of the arrangement. Accessories like satin and silk ribbon are also used to beautify the arrangement. 

  • S-shaped arrangement 

Flowers are arranged in the shape of an S in this type of arrangement. The whole arrangement will be big and make a great center table decor. To maintain the S shape, a lot of filler flowers and leaves are used for this arrangement. 

  • Cascade arrangement

In a cascade arrangement, the flowers are let flow down, thus creating a cascading effect. Apart from flowers, stems, leaves and a lot of green grass are also used to create the cascading effect. The cascade arrangement is mainly used as bridal bouquets because of its stunning view.


It is natural to go for a plain flower bouquet as a gift or decor piece. But different flower arrangements are available in flower shops to suit various requirements. While some are ideal for gifting purposes, others are best for home or venue decor.

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