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The Complete Guide to Rose Flower Bouquets

Everything You Need To Know About a Rose Flower Bouquet

The rose is considered to be one of the oldest species of flowers found on the earth. A Rose Flower Bouquet is an indispensable part of modern-day gifting. 

The rose grows all over the northern hemisphere, including North America, Europe and Asia. It is believed that the cultivation of rose began almost 5000 years ago in China. During the eighteenth century, roses were introduced in Europe from China. 

Roses are now widely used for making the Rose Flower Bouquet. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration, gifting a Rose Flower Bouquet has become the norm. 

Which are the best rose bouquets from the flower shop near me?

The Flower Shop Near Me offers a variety of rose bouquets for various occasions. Rose flower bouquets are widely gifted for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's day celebrations. Let us have a look at a few of the popular flower bouquets from Flower Shop Near Me.

  • Penelope bouquet
  • The Penelope bouquet is a beautiful bouquet from Flower Shop Near Me with pink roses in various shades. Pink and pastel-shaded roses are beautifully arranged with bright green foliage to make this stunning bouquet. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes for you to choose from. 

  • The Yasmin bouquet
  • This is a Luxury flowers bouquet with pink, purple and off-white roses. This large flower arrangement makes a perfect Birthday flowers gift for your dear one.  

  • 36 red roses
  • This is a beautiful bunch of Love Flowers that makes a perfect gift for your lover. This bouquet is also available in original, deluxe and grande sizes. You can select one depending on your budget. 

  • Raspberry birthday vase
  • This is a birthday arrangement done in a beautiful ceramic vase. Pink and red coloured spray roses are beautifully arranged, along with a happy birthday topper, to create this stunning arrangement. 

  • The magnificent box
  • The magnificent box is a beautiful box arrangement of flowers with Kahala roses and eucalyptus. This flower arrangement makes a great gift for a home decor enthusiast. 


    What are the tips from flower shop Dubai for taking care of rose bouquets?

    A Rose bouquet is one of the most sought-after gifts from Flower Shop Dubai owing to its beautiful colours and patterns. However, the Flower Shop Dubai provides certain tips for taking care of a rose bouquet.  

  • Use a clean vase
  • A clean vase is a prerequisite for all types of flowers, whether roses, Orchids or lilies. Make sure to clean the vase with soap and water. Rinse it thoroughly to remove all traces of soap. 

  • Use lukewarm water
  • The Flower Shop Dubai suggest using lukewarm water for dunking the roses as it does not shock the flower. Using lukewarm water helps plant food travel up the stem faster. 

  • Add flower food
  • Most flower bouquets come with flower food. You can add this to the water or prepare a flower food using sugar, bleach and vinegar. This helps keep the flower fresh for a long. 

  • Trim the stem
  • Just like you trim a  Bonsai branch, you should also trim the flower stem with sharp scissors. It is best to cut at a 45-degree angle to provide more surface area for the water to seep through. 

  • Change the water regularly
  • Like regular watering of Indoor plants, changing the water in the vase is very important. This prevents the breeding of germs and provides fresh water to the flowers. 


    A Rose bouquet is one of the best floral treats you can give someone. Its bright and vibrant colours and sweet fragrance make the rose bouquet a sight to behold. 

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