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What are some facts about chrysanthemums?

Know Everything about November Flowers Dubai

In western countries, November is a damp and dark month owing to the fall season. The chrysanthemum is one flower that can brighten up your interior and provide an autumn touch. If you are a November-born, chrysanthemums or mums are your birth flowers Dubai

A birth flower Dubai is a flower that is symbolic of the month you are born. The birth flower Dubai can be different for different months. While primrose is the birth flower of February, Daisy is considered the birth flower Dubai of April. 

What is Chrysanthemum Flowers Delivery Dubai?

Chrysanthemum is a flower of Asian nativity. Its name is derived from the Greek word 'Chrysos', meaning gold and 'Anthemom', meaning flower. Thus, chrysanthemum means golden flower, which is the flower's original colour. Through cross-cultivation, the flower is now available in a range of colours for flowers delivery Dubai. You get chrysanthemums in a range of colours from red to yellow and purple.  

Chrysanthemum belongs to the daisy family. The flower Dubai symbolises friendship, joy and loyalty. However, the real meaning varies depending on the colour of the flower. 

Red chrysanthemum: Red is the colour of love. Red chrysanthemums symbolise deep passion and love. You can gift a bouquet of red chrysanthemums to show how much you love the other person. 

 White chrysanthemum: White is the colour of honesty and loyalty. You can gift a white chrysanthemum to a colleague who is honest and loyal in his profession.   

Yellow chrysanthemums: Though yellow is considered the colour of friendship and joy, it is not the case with yellow chrysanthemums. Yellow chrysanthemum stands for sorrow or neglected love.  

Violet chrysanthemums: Violet chrysanthemums, with their vibrant colour, can cheer up a person. Thus, it makes a perfect gift for someone who is sick. You can gift a violet chrysanthemum as a get-well-soon gift. 

Chrysanthemums, orchids and pink rose bouquets make excellent birthday flowers online UAE

What are the things to consider while purchasing chrysanthemums from 800 Flowers Dubai?

Chrysanthemums are beautiful flowers offered by 800 Flowers Dubai that makes an ideal choice for gifting. Apart from this, you can also use this flower to decorate your home. 

However, the flower shop near me recommends a few things before purchasing the flowers. 

Colour:  Chrysanthemum is available in various colours like red, yellow, orange and pink. Which colour to choose from 800 Flowers Dubai depends on the preference of the person being gifted. 

If the person being gifted follows simplicity in life, you should gift flowers in pastel shades like peach and yellow. White chrysanthemums also make a great gift for such people. On the other hand, for vibrant individuals, you can provide colourful flowers like red and pink. 

Check the petals: The florist recommends checking the chrysanthemum's petals before purchasing. The petals should be spotless and clean. If you notice any spots on the petals, it means the flower is not fresh. It would be best to avoid such flowers. 

Transparency, wilting and discolouration are signs that the chrysanthemum is past its freshness. If you spot such a flower in a flower bouquet, it is best to avoid purchasing flowers from the shop as it throws light on their professionalism. 

Check the stem: Another way to check the freshness of the chrysanthemum is to inspect the stems. The stem should be fresh, sturdy and firm. It should not be bent or broken, which can affect the longevity of the flowers.

You should inspect the end of the stem and check for any browning or other discolouration. If there is any colour change, it indicates that the flower is not freshly cut. 

Check the leaves: Most cut flowers from 800 Flowers Dubai are arranged without leaves. But if you spot any leaves in the chrysanthemum flower, you should check its quality. Make sure the leaves are healthy and green and do not have any brown spots or yellowing. If the leaves are brown, the flower is not fresh. 


Chrysanthemum, with its vibrant shades and beautiful pattern, is one of the best flowers you can gift to someone. Unlike other flowers, chrysanthemums can last for a long with proper care. Thus, they also make an ideal flower for home decor. 

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