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Advice from a Florist on how to take the ideal flower shot

Tips from a Florist for taking the perfect flower photo

Flowers are one of the best subjects for photography for florist Dubai. Its bright hue and beautiful patterns make flowers a perfect choice for photographs. A perfectly photographed flower can capture the attention of customers. Thus, Florist Dubai pays a lot of attention to taking excellent photographs of flowers. 

If you are an avid photographer, flowers will be your favourite subject. Here are some tips from florist dubai for taking the perfect flower photograph. 

How to take the best photos of a flower bouquet using a smartphone?

If you are taking photography as a hobby or for a site through which you can order flowers online Dubai, it is essential to take professional photographs. Here are some tips for taking pictures with a smartphone.  

  • Shoot in portrait mode

Portrait mode is used for taking pictures of people. But you can use the same mode for taking pictures of flower bouquets as well. Taking pictures in portrait mode provides depth to the subject. You can focus on the flower by blurring the background. Whether you are taking pictures of birthday flower or anniversary flowers, this mode will work best. 

  • Shoot from a lower angle

It is always best to shoot the picture of a flower Bouquet from a low angle. Shooting from a low angle makes the flower look more prominent and beautiful. It also helps eliminate any distracting background. 

  • Take close-up pictures

If you take a picture for an online site that send flowers to Dubai, taking a close-up picture of the flowers is very important. Close-up pictures help zoom the intricacies of the flower. Taking close-up shots also helps avoid any distractions. 

  • Liven up your picture

Taking pictures with elements like water droplets or insects in the flower bouquet can make it look fresh and beautiful. If you want to take a picture with water droplets and cannot capture natural dew, you can use a spray bottle to mist the flowers before taking the picture. Mixing water and glycerin in a 50/50 ratio provides a beautiful effect. To attract insects to the flower, you can spray a sugary solution.  

How do flowers shop in Dubai take pictures of flowers?

Here are some tips from Flowers Shop in Dubai for photographing flowers professionally. 

  • Use a macro lens and tripod

Macro lenses are dedicated camera lenses that help take a picture up close. Professional photographers who take pictures for flower shops near me use a macros lens. If you cannot afford a macro lens, you can use a smartphone to take pictures. 

In addition to a macro lens, you should also use a tripod for taking pictures. Using tripods provides greater stability to the camera and helps you take better pictures. 

  • Take advantage of light

Light is an essential element in taking the perfect flower picture. If you are taking a picture for Flowers Shop in Dubai, you can use a silver or white reflective surface for a cooler light. A gold reflector or foil would be the best choice for warm light. 

  • Set up an indoor studio

Photographs for flowers Shop in Dubai are usually taken indoors. Thus, you can set up an indoor studio for this purpose. The main advantage of photographing in an indoor studio is that external elements like the wind will not disturb the flowers. 

The florist recommends using fabric, glitter paper or any surface like wood or tile as the background. This provides an interesting dimension to the flower. 

  • Get creative

You should be as creative as possible to make the picture stand out. You can check Pinterest and other photography sites and get inspiration from there. In addition, you can use different filters and effects to get the best photo of flowers. 


The beauty of online flowers depends on how well the photograph is taken. Professionally taken photographs with the right background and lighting can create magic. It would be best to take several pictures from different angles to give the customers a clear idea about the flower. 

If you are looking for perfect flowers for photography or indoor decoration, visit From roses to lilies and tulips, you get different varieties and colours of flowers from our online shop. 

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