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Weekly Exotic Flower Shop Sale From 800 Flower

Weekly flower shop deal of exotic flowers from 800 Flower

The flower shop in Dubai offers different varieties of flowers for customers. While some flowers from the flower shop stand out owing to their bright hue, others stand out due to their sweet fragrance. Whatever type of flower you select from a flower shop, you should ensure that it is fresh and lasts for a long time. 

What are the things to consider while purchasing a flower bouquet? 

Flower bouquets are available in different styles and varieties. Thus, you should consider a few things before you purchase a flower bouquet. 

  • Type of flower

Selecting the right flower type for the bouquet helps convey the right emotion. E.g; if you want to convey your love to someone, you should select red roses. On the other hand, if it is a birthday flower, you should consider the likes and preferences of the person being gifted. 

  • Type of store

You can order a Flower Bouquet online or offline. If you order flowers online in Dubai, the same will be sent to the recipient at the right time and place. For offline purchases, you should visit the store and purchase the flower. 

  • Price

Price is another factor to consider when you send flower Dubai. The price of a flower bouquet depends on the variety of flowers and their price. Thus, depending on your budget, you can purchase any bouquet. 

  • Quality

While purchasing a flower, you should ensure that it is fresh. How do you check the freshness of a flower? The best way to do this is to feel the underside of the petals. If the underside of the petals is firm to the touch, it means that the flower is fresh. 

Moreover, the colour of the flower should not be faded or brown. If you spot any loose pollen or seeds inside the flower, it indicates that the flower is old. 

Weekly flower shop deals from the best flowers shop in Dubai

A Flower shop in Dubai offers excellent weekly deals on flowers. Customers can purchase the best flowers at a very reasonable price from these flower shops. The flower shop near me offers the below deals for this week. 

  • 10 red Euphorbia

Euphorbias are clusters of small flowers available in various colours like red, pink, yellow and orange. Our florist recommends the above flower bouquet of 10 red Euphorbias for side table decor. 

  • 20 stems of wax flowers lavender

This is one of the unique bouquets offered by a flower shop in Dubai. The bouquet has a bunch of lavender wax flowers that you can use for side table decor. 

  • 10 white Calla lilies

Do you want to decorate tall vases with beautiful flowers? Our white calla lilies collection makes a perfect choice. You can place it on the side table, console table or even on the bedside table. 

  • Mix spray roses

This is a bunch of purple and off-white spray roses from Flowers Shop in Dubai. This beautiful bunch makes an ideal gift for a dear friend or colleague. 

  • Bunch of autumn leaves

This bunch of autumn leaves will be a perfect choice if you want to provide a fall touch to your interiors. The leaves' yellow, green and red colours blend well with the autumn theme, thus making it a great choice for your fall decor. 

  • 10 dark blue delphinium

Do you want to brighten up your interiors with the shade of aqua? The 10 dark blue delphiniums would make a perfect choice. This bunch of flowers come with long stems and makes an ideal choice for tall vases. 

  • Bunch of mini orange chrysanthemums

Mums are a beautiful addition to your interiors, whatever their colours are. This bunch of orange chrysanthemums with a dark orange center creates a striking look in your interiors. Place it in your side table or dining room for that stunning effect. 


Flower bouquets are the best gift you can give anyone, irrespective of the occasion. It not only makes a pleasant gift but also lets you convey your emotion. If you are looking for affordable flower bouquets to gift your loved ones, check out the collection at We offer a variety of flowers in different hues and fragrances that make your special day even more special. 

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