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How to Take Care of Plants in Summer?

The summer in Dubai is harsh and rigid, with the temperature hovering over 50 degrees. This high temperature makes it difficult for the plants to survive. They require special care and maintenance to withstand the summer heat.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor plants, care should be taken to ensure that they are well-hydrated and placed away from the blazing sun.

Where to position plants during summer?

Some varieties of plants like cactus can withstand the Dubai summer as they can easily adapt to the weather. If you have green tropical plants, then it is best to move them to the shade, as such plants cannot withstand the summer heat.

Outdoor plants should be watered at regular intervals so that the soil does not become dry. They should also be misted periodically to retain its greenery. Plants may not be able to withstand sudden changes like fertilizing and re-potting during the harsh weather. Thus, it is best to refrain from doing this until the summer is over.

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants?

Just like outdoor plants, indoor plants also require special indoor plant care during summer. Here are a few easy-care indoor plants and plant care tips to follow to ensure that your plants stay healthy and fresh.

How to take care of a bamboo plant: Lucky Bamboo plant is one of the most popular indoor plants that is seen in almost all houses. While placing a bamboo plant, you should make sure that direct sunlight does not fall on it. At the same time, the room should be bright and airy.

The peculiarity of Lucky bamboo plant is that it requires a few inches of water to cover its root all the time. Thus, during summer, when the water evaporates very fast, you should check periodically to make sure that the required amount of water is present.

If you spot yellow discoloration in the plant, it could be due to insufficient water or exposure to sunlight. In that case, you should remove the whole leaf using sharp scissors.

How to take care of money plant: It is easy to provide money tree plant care during summer as the plant grows very fast. The only requirement is that the plant should be adequately watered. Thus, remember to water the plant at least once a week.

While watering the plant, you should make sure that the soil is dry. But the soil should not be thoroughly dried that crack starts to appear. You should also mist the leaves of the plant so that it looks fresh and clean.

How to take care of the snake plant: Snake plant care during summer is rather easy as the plant does not require much water. Typically, the plant needs to be watered once in 2 weeks. But since during summer the evaporation rate is high, you should check the soil once a week.

While watering snake plant, you should make sure that the soil is completely dry. At the same time, no crack should appear on the soil. During summer, it should be kept away from direct sunlight.

How to take care of spider plant: Just like all other plants, spider plant should also be kept away from direct sunlight. Potting medium like vermiculite or coco coir should be mixed with the soil so that the plant gets enough nutrients. Since the spider plant requires moderate to deep shade it can also be kept in dark areas like bathroom. For better spider plant care, you can place a humidifier next to it so that it does not dry out completely.

Purified water at room temperature would be apt for spider plant.

How to take care of rose plant: Unlike other plants, roses require full sunlight for its survival. Thus, if you are keeping rose indoor, make sure that you place it in the balcony where direct sunlight is available.

Rose plant care during summer is rather easy as the plant does not require shade or cool surrounding. When the bushes wilts or droops, you should water the plant and spray mist on the beautiful flowers. During summer it is best to water the plant in the morning so that the it does not get evaporated fast. Water soluble fertilizers can be used during summer so that the plant absorbs it fast.

General Tips for Taking Care of Plants During Summer

Even if you have easy care plants at home, you should follow the below general care of plants to ensure that it stays fresh and healthy.

  • Since during summer months, the use of air conditioner will be very high, the indoor humidity will be less. Thus, it would be a good idea to mist the plants at regular intervals. Alternatively, you can also place a tray with water beneath the plants so that it absorbs the moisture.
  • While watering plants in Dubai, make sure that you water deeply. Because of the dry surrounding, water will evaporate very fast. To prevent this, you should ensure that the plants are watered well.
  • If you have west or south facing plants, then it is better to move them further indoor so that it does not get direct sunlight.
  • Never repot plant during peak summer. Even under normal weather condition, there are chances for the plant to die during repotting. During peak summer the excess temperature will put undue stress of the plant which might make it difficult to survive. You can wait till the temperature drops a few degree before repotting.
  • Just like repotting, pruning should also be done only when the weather cools down. Pruning can put stress on the plant and the harsh weather can add to the stress.

During summer, you should keep a watch on the plant and take remedial action at the correct time. This would ensure that the plant survives the harsh summer heat without much damage.

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