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How Does The Florist Keep Their Flowers Fresh?

How Does The Florist Preserve The Bloom?

Some flowers are precious. Your wedding flower or the one gifted by your lover is always close to your heart. Or you have a lot of flowers in your garden that you do not want to die off. Preserving the flower is the best way to keep flowers from withering off. 

There are different ways a florist preserves a flower. What method to use depends on the type and state of the flower. How a bud is preserved differs from the preservation method of a full-bloom flower. The best time to preserve flowers is when they are in full bloom.

There are different ways florist Dubai preserves flowers. Most methods are simple, and you can do it at home with readily available materials. 

  • Air drying
  • Air drying is the most effective method for preserving flower bouquet for birthday or anniversaries. The main advantage of air drying is that you can dry the entire bouquet in one go without having to separate the flowers. 

    First, you should remove the foliage from the bouquet to air dry the flowers. Tie the stems together with the rubber band and hang them upside down. Make sure the room is well-ventilated but does not get direct sunlight. The bouquet will be completely air dried after 2-3 weeks. You can then use unscented hairspray to protect the flowers. 

  • Microwave
  • The microwave technique is effective for drying individual flowers. Remove flowers from the bouquet and place them in a microwave-safe bowl. Remember to cover the base of the container with silica gel before placing the flowers. Now pour the silica gel over the flowers, so they do not get flattened. 

    Place the container in the oven and microwave at low temperature for 2-5 minutes. Check in between whether the flowers have dried. The drying time varies depending on the size and type of flowers. Once dried, remove the container from the microwave and let it sit for a day. Gently brush off the gel from the petals and spray acrylic spray for protection. 

  • Using sand
  • You can use sand for preserving hardy flowers and foliage. Sand can suck out the moisture from the flowers and keep them preserved for a long. 

    To preserve flower using sand:

    1. Take a container and sprinkle sand on the base.
    2. Place the flower in the container and sprinkle sand over it.
    3. Let the sand-soaked flower sit in the container for two weeks.

    After two weeks, the flowers would have dried completely. You can then hang the flowers upside down to remove the sand from their crevices. 

  • Using glycerine
  • Using glycerin is the best way to retain the fresh look of the flower while preserving them. Take the flowers in a container and gently pour glycerin over them. Leave it like that for a few hours. The flowers will absorb the glycerin and replace the water content with glycerin. This helps keep the flowers preserved for long. 

    However, the drawback of using glycerin is that the colour of the flower fades over time. To retain the colour, you can add artificial colour along with the glycerin while preserving it. 


    Preserving the flowers is the best way to ensure that the flowers retain their colour and stay for long. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and practical and makes a perfect gift for any occasion. The florist near me uses this technique for making dry flower bouquets, which are in high demand. The good thing about preserving flowers is that anyone can do this in the comfort of their home.  

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