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The Best Dubai Flower Shops App

Flower And Plant Apps Recommended By Flower Shops Dubai

If you are growing flowering plants at home, you know how difficult it is to maintain the plant and flowers. Yellowing or falling leaves, browning of flowers and root rot are problems that can affect all flowering plants. 

How about having all the tips and suggestions for plant care at your fingertip? The various plant and flower apps provide this information. Installing these apps on your mobile phone allows you to quickly access all the necessary advice and information. 

Which are the best flower and plant apps available?

  • Florish

Florish is a free app that provides all the essential information about plant care. You should enter the plant's name in the app, and it provides all the information like the quantity of water, light and temperature required. It also sends notifications on watering. Thus, the chances of missed watering can be avoided while using this app. 

Whether growing ever-green plants or flowering plants for making birthday flower bouquets, you can use this app for plant care. 

  • Blossom

Blossom is a free iOS app developed by the home decor site Spruce. The app also has a premium version that you can purchase. 

The app provides information about all plant types and helps you discover new flowers and plants. The push notification features let you set a reminder for watering, repotting and fertilizing the plant. This app provides information on around 10000 indoor and outdoor plants and flowers. 

  • Picturethis

This app is available on iOS and Android and is ideal for sick plants. The app comes with a camera that helps identify the type of plant. Based on this, the app specifies detailed plant care. Once you upgrade your membership, you can use an AI power tool that diagnoses sick plants. You can also get customized advice from plant experts. 

  • Sun seeker

Different plants can tolerate different amounts of sunlight. While some plants, like sunflowers that are commonly found in flower shop Dubai, require full sun, others require only partial sunlight. There are other types of plants that require full shade. The sun seeker app lets you know how much sunlight each of your plants is getting. The app uses augmented reality to assess the amount of sunlight in your location. 

  • My garden

My garden app can be called the social networking app for gardeners. This app lets you connect with other gardening enthusiasts and share your tips and tricks for gardening. You can show off those exotic flower boxes Dubai you have created or that stunning creeper you just bought from the best flower shop in Dubai. You can also chart a personal growing calendar in the app. 

What are the benefits of using flower and plant apps?

Flower and plant apps simplify your job of gardening. Here are the benefits you get from using the app. 

  • You get the best advice for plant care through these apps. 
  • These apps provide notifications for watering, fertilizing and repotting the plants. 
  • You can connect with other gardening enthusiasts and share tips and tricks on gardening. 
  • You get to know more about new species of flowers and plants and how to care for them. 
  • Certain apps let you know what is lacking in your plant and take corrective actions. 


Though there are several online flower shop Dubai that provides flowers and plants as you need, there is nothing more satisfying than growing your own garden. The above flower and plant apps provide all the necessary help for growing your own garden. All you have to do is download the app on your Android or iPhone, and you are good to go. 

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Nov 28, 2022

How flower and plant apps can be helpful?

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