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Best Outdoor Flowers to Grow in Dubai in 2022

Dubai being a desert land, growing beautiful flowers in this region is considered impossible by many. When you think of plants and flowers that grow in Dubai, the first thought that comes to your mind is succulent plants like cactus. 

But one look at the city, your impression will change completely. You will find a host of beautiful flowers like roses and bougainvillaes blooming all around the city. To add to the beauty of the Emirate, the roads and streets are decked up with myriads of flowers in beautiful colors. Beautification of the Emirate with flower gardens is one of the major agendas of the Government. 

But because of the peculiarity of the Dubai climate, not all flowers can survive in this region. Flowers that can withstand direct sunlight and the hot and humid conditions of this region grows well in the Emirate.

Best Flowers for Outdoor Garden in Dubai

Whether you are staying in a villa or an apartment, here are some beautiful flowering plants that you can grow in Dubai.


Almost all outdoor gardens in Dubai are decorated with Bougainvillea. Thus, it is a very common flower in this region. Bougainvillea is a shrub that comes with a cluster of flowers at the tip in beautiful hues. In Dubai, bougainvilleas are available in pink, white, red, yellow, and orange colours. 

Though it belongs to the shrub category, bougainvillea grows up to 12 meters in height. It covers a wide area and hence is mostly grown along the fence, creating a colorful boundary on the wall. To create a stunning effect, you can even mix flowers of different colours. In Dubai, the bougainvillea blooms every four to six weeks.

Caring tips for Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a shrub that can tolerate drought and direct sunlight. During the growing years of the plant, regular watering is required. Once the plant is fully established, watering once in 3-4 weeks is adequate. But make sure that the plant is not over-watered as it can cause the roots to rot

The peculiarity of bougainvillea is that it is an easy to grow plant. It does not require extra care and fertilising for its growth. But if you feel that the plant is not growing healthy, you can go for an all-purpose fertiliser in a 10-10-10 ratio.

Flame tree

The Flame tree is the best choice if you want shade and a colourful canopy in your garden.Beautiful flowers in orange and red shades that grow in cluster is the peculiarity of this tree. When fully bloom, the flower resembles the flame and hence the name.

The average height of the flame tree is 30 to 50 feet. Once the tree is fully grown, its canopy becomes wider than the tree’s height. Because of this reason, you should grow only a single flame tree so that it can grow sideways without any obstruction.

Caring tips for Flame Tree

For its healthy growth the flame tree requires a lot of sunlight. Thus, you should plant the tree in an open space where direct sunlight is available. You should also remember to water it daily during its initial growing years. However, watering can be reduced to once every 1-2 weeks once the tree is fully established. Thus, you need not spend much time watering and taking care of the tree.

One problem with the flame tree is damaged wood which normally appears once the tree starts blooming. To prevent further damage to the tree, you should  prune the damaged wood at the right time.


Another flowering plant that is quite common in Dubai is the Plumeria or Frangipani.This beautiful flower is adorned by all for its beautiful look and sweet smell. Plumeria normally blooms in a white shade with a yellow tint at the centre. However, flowers in pink and red colours are also widely available.

In gardens and balconies, Plumeria usually grows as a small tree or shrub. But if left alone it can grow as big as 30 feet. During night time the fragrance of the flower will be more than the day time. This is when pollination of the flower takes place.

Caring tips for Plumeria

Since plumeria is a tropical flower, it can easily tolerate sunlight and humid conditions. Hence, you can consider planting it in areas with direct sunlight. The plant prefers deep watering which should be done only when the soil is completely dry. For the tree to bloom well, you can also consider adding a high-phosphate fertilizer.


A very popular tropical flower, Hibiscus blooms in a variety of colours. Red is the most commonly found colour of hibiscus. However, you can also find it in other colours like white, pink, and orange.

Hibiscus is a shrub that grows to 15 feet in height. If trimmed and properly cared for, you can even grow it on pots. For its healthy growth it is advisable to prune the plant once in three years.

Caring tips for Hisbiscus

Hibiscus grows in warm and humid condition. Thus, you can grow it in direct sunlight. You should water the plant once in a while when the topsoil is dry. However during summer, you should water the plant daily. For good bloom, you should fertilise the plant regularly with a balanced fertiliser. This helps in its healthy growth.


Flowers add a colorful touch to the desert life of Dubai. They are pleasing to the eye and brings nature close to the city life. You can grow almost all tropical flowers in this desert land with proper care and maintenance.

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