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Violet and Primrose – The Birthday Flower of February Born

February brings with it a whole lot of good memories. It is the month of Valentine’s day. It is the day when lovers all over the world shower each other with lots of love, warmth, and care.

If your lover is born in February, then it brings in double joy. The joy of celebrating his/her birthday in the month of love. And what better way to gift them by providing them a bouquet of February flowers – Violet and Primrose.

February Horoscope

February Horoscope | 800 Flower Dubai

The two star-signs of February are Aquarius and Pisces. Those born between 1st and 18th of February belong to Aquarius, and those between 19th and 28th belong to Pisces sign.

Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer sign. The symbol consists of waves of water or electricity that stands for the new ideas and amazing things that churn out of the mind of the near-genius Aquarians. Aquarians are highly intelligent people who can think creatively and inventively. In fact, those born in this star sign can put forth unique inventions that can revolutionize the world.

Personality Traits

The common personality traits of Aquarius include

Friendly: Aquarians are very friendly and get along well with others. They are humorous by nature and know how to make a situation light.

Humane: They are humane and help others a lot. They do whatever they can to make the world a better place to live.

Wise: Aquarians are very wise and intelligent people. They always look for intellectual stimulation and have interest over a wide range of topics. They think out of the box and do things their own creative way.

Independent: Aquarians like to be independent both financially and emotionally. They do not depend on anyone for any support.

Unpredictable: It is very difficult to predict the character and activities of Aquarians. Since they think out of the box and do not like other interfering in their thoughts, it can be annoying for others.

Stubborn: The high level of intellectual thinking and difficulty to change their thinking pattern, makes the Aquarians very stubborn.

Keep to themselves: Because of their independent nature, they like to keep to themselves. They will not let others get very close to them as they fear it can affect their freedom.

February flower – Violet and Primrose

February has two birth flowers – Violet (according to the English style) and Primrose (according to the US style). Violet is a flower that is found mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. There are 400-500 different species of this flower, and they grow primarily in moist and shaded conditions.

Primrose blooms in early spring and is available in a variety of colors. They grow in damp conditions and are mostly used in garden beds and borders.

What do the flowers symbolize?


Violets are spring flowering plants with heart-shaped leaves and asymmetrical flowers. They are available in different species with the majority of flowers in violet color. There are also some varieties that are available in white, yellow, and cream colors. Bi-colored flowers in blue and yellow are also found in certain areas.

Violet is the flower of wisdom and faithfulness. Aquarians being wise and intelligent people who are friendly and faithful to others around them, violet is the right birth flower for them.

What do the flowers symbolize | 800 Flower Dubai

Little Known Facts about Violet

  • There are 400-500 species of violets all over the world.
  • Violets were used by the Romans and Greeks as an herbal remedy and also as a cooking ingredient.
  • The ancient Greeks considered violet as a symbol of fertility.
  • African violets are commonly used as houseplants.

Taking care of Violets

Taking care of Violets is not so difficult. Here are a few tips for those who like to plant this at home

  • Sunlight: Violets have very delicate leaves and petals. Hence do not place them under direct sunlight. You can keep them in the shade, or if you are placing indoors, windowsill would be a good option.
  • Water: You should water the plant when the soil is not moist. You can touch with hand to know the moisture content. Always remember to water the plant at the base and not splash the leaves and flowers. Splashing water can make spots from appearing on the plant.
  • Soil: Violets need soil that can properly drain. Soil should be mixed with peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite in equal quantities.


Primrose is a delicately scented flower that grows mainly in western and southern Europe. They are found near streams and in moist deciduous forests. Hybrids of this flower are available in various colors like white, yellow, red and brown.

Primrose symbolizes modesty. Since Aquarians are modest and humane in their behavior, primrose can be considered as the birth flower of Aquarians.

Primrose | 800 Flower Dubai

Little known facts about Primrose­

  • The leaves and flowers of this plant are edible. They are used for making soup, and wine.
  • In the past, primrose was used for the treatment of paralysis and rheumatism.
  • An alcoholic solution of primrose is used to treat insomnia, headache, and cough.
  • Primrose has a special day dedicated to them in the UK. It falls on 19th

Taking Care of Primrose

Potted primrose requires proper care to survive for some time.

  • Sunlight: Primrose is a delicate flower and hence should not be placed directly under the sunlight. Indirect sunlight is enough for the primrose to survive. The window sill is the best place to plant the primrose.
  • Water: Primrose require enough water to keep the soil moist. For potted plants, pour water until it comes out through the hole in the bottom. For plants that are on the ground, check the soil with hand to see whether it is moist.

Since primrose lasts only for a short time, it does not require any special fertilization.

Primrose and violets are not very common in UAE, and hence you may not get bouquets made with these flowers. But if you are looking for that unique flower to gift a February born, you will not be disappointed as there are a lot of online and offline shops that offer beautiful bouquets at affordable rates.

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