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Holly and Narcissus – The December Birth Flowers

Finally, it is winter in Dubai.  The cool breeze and wonderful weather remind you of the Christmas festivities and jubilance. December is the time of celebration all over the world, including UAE. The joy of the season is doubled when you have the birthday of your loved one around this time of the year.

December Horoscope

Those who are born in December belongs to either Sagittarius or Capricorn. If your birthday is between December 1st and 21st, then you are a Sagittarius. If you are born between December 22nd and 31st, then you are a Capricorn.

Sagittarius is symbolized by Archer sign with an arrow pointing upwards. This denotes the higher spiritual level of the Sagittarius. It also signifies the optimistic attitude of the person. A Sagittarius man is lively, exciting and fun loving. They like living their life to the fullest. Just like the man, a Sagittarius woman is also fun-loving and exciting and values freedom and independence.

The personality traits of Sagittarius include

Optimistic: Sagittarius people are optimistic and look at the bright side of life. Thus, they can give their best even during a difficult situation.

Intelligent: They are very intelligent people and are interested in different subjects. They can impress others with their wide knowledge.

Generous: Sagittarians are generous and large-hearted, and they go to any length to help other people.

Adventurous: Sagittarians are adventurous and can take any risk in life.

Careless: Since Sagittarians are adventurous and tend to take risks a lot, they are sometimes careless. This can attract criticism from others.

Impatient: People who are born under this star sign are restless. They jump into conclusions without looking deeper into the matter.

Over-confidence: This over-confidence nature stems from the optimistic traits of the Sagittarian. Because of over-confidence, they tend to make mistakes at times.

December flower – Holly and Narcissus

Unlike the rest of the months, December has two birth flowers – Holly and Narcissus. Holly is an evergreen tree that grows mainly in tropical and temperate zone.

Narcissus are spring plants that grow mainly in the Mediterranean region. They are either yellow or white in color with the center in the same or contrasting color.

What the flowers symbolize?


Found in tropical, and sub-tropical regions around the world, the hollies are plants with smooth branches, glossy leaves, and beautiful red berries. The flowers of this tree are tiny and are greenish white with four petals. A peculiarity of this plant is that both male and female flowers grow in different plants.

Holly is known mainly for its foliage and not for its flowers. It does not signify anything, in particular, to go with the personality trait of a Sagittarian. But since the leaves and berries are widely used for Christmas decoration, Holly becomes the right choice for a December birthday.


Narcissus are six petal flowers that are either yellow or white in color. They have narrowed tubular base and the center of the flower either takes the same color as the petals or a contrasting color. Narcissus are usually found in the woods and meadows of South Eur­­ope and North America. The name Narcissus is derived from the Greek word Narke which means numbness. The name could be attributed to the narcotic fragrance of the flower.

One of the most common varieties of Narcissus is the daffodil which is popularly used in bouquets. Daffodil signifies rebirth and a new beginning and hence would make an ideal gift for a birthday. It also means happiness which is very close to the personality trait of a Sagittarian.

Little Known Facts about Holly | 800 Flower Dubai

Little Known Facts about Holly

  • Holly leaves, and berries are closely associated with Christmas.
  • They are widely used as landscape plants owing to their spiky leaves.
  • Though holly berries are mostly red in color, other varieties in blue, black, white and orange are also available.
  • In South America, Holly is used for making matte, a type of tea drink.
  • The wood of the Holly tree is used to make the black keys of the piano.

Tips for Caring for Holly Plants

  • It is best to plant the Holly indoors first and slowly move them outdoors when they are about 12 weeks.
  • The holly should be planted outdoors during fall so that it has plenty of time to get accustomed to the surrounding before the onset of summer.
  • Use an acidic fertilizer if your soil is not so acidic.
  • Holly requires a lot of sunlight. So, plant it in such a place where it is not overshadowed by other trees and houses.
  • The plant requires only a moderate amount of water. Thus, watering once a week is more than enough.

Little known facts about Narcissus

  • Narcissus consists of a wide species of flowers including daffodils, paperwhites, and Jonquils.
  • Narcissi is the most popular flower in Germany.
  • Paperwhites are the most powerfully fragrant variety of Narcissus.

Narcissus Plant Care Tips

  • Narcissus are usually planted during the late fall so that it blooms during springtime. It should be planted 6 inches deep and watered well at the time of planting.
  • Watering once a week is required if they are planted in pots. But if Narcissus are planted below a tree, then it should be watered twice a week.
  • Mulch can be added to the soil to preserve its moisture.
  • The soil should have enough organic matter for the plant to grow well.
  • If the plant does not produce any bloom during its growing stage, then it is a sign that the water is not adequate.
  • Once the plant starts flowering, keep it away from direct sunlight so that the flowers do not fade.

Though Hollies and Narcissus are birth flowers of December born, finding a bouquet of these flowers in Dubai is not so easy. But do not worry, 800 Flower is here to help you with some fantastic bouquet collection. Browse our website for some fresh flower collection from across the world and make your loved one’s birthday an extra special one.

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