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Which flower is best for birthday?

Top 8 Birthday Flowers Dubai

Birthdays are always close to your heart. But in the busy day-to-day life, you tend to forget the day or rather not celebrate it. For people close to you, birthdays are a reason to celebrate. It shows how much they love and care for you. Gifting is one way they share their happiness and joy on this special day. 

Birthday flowers Dubai are long being given as gifts during birthdays. Though children prefer getting toys or dresses as gifts, that is not the case with adults. The sweet scent and bright colours of flowers are sure to bring a smile to an adult's face. It shows how much you care for and love your relationship and the time and effort you have put into purchasing that exotic flowers. 

Depending on your budget, you can gift a bunch of flowers, a flower bouquet or a flower arrangement.

Best Flowers For Birthday

1. Pink emotions bouquet

Pink emotions bouquet - 800 Flower Dubai

This beautiful bouquet of pink roses makes an ideal birthday gift for your lady love. The bouquet comes with rose Miyabi and a bunch of pistachios for that perfect look. Wrapped in beautiful white paper, this pink bouquet will surely bring a smile to your loved one's face.

2. Philippa bouquet

Philippa bouquet - 800 Flower Dubai

This is a monochromatic bouquet in shades of white and purple. The bouquet comes with O’hara roses, white spray roses and other filler flowers to create a stunning arrangement in white and purple shades. The Philippa bouquet would make a great birthday gift for your colleague or a friend. 

3. Orange passion bouquet

Orange passion bouquet - 800 Flower Dubai

The orange passion bouquet is yet another flower arrangement that follows a monochromatic colour scheme. The bouquet comes with white peach and orange coloured flowers that provide a stunning look to it. Spray roses, orange roses and carnations adorn the orange passion bouquet. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes for you to choose from.

4. Hera bouquet

Hera bouquet - 800 Flower Dubai

Pink lilies in a variegated shade make the Hera bouquet a stunning piece. The bouquet's beauty is accentuated by beautiful leaves and buds that provide an elegant look to it. This beautiful pink bouquet makes a great birthday gift for your lady love or a female colleague.

5. Pastel bloom flowers

Pastel bloom flowers - 800 Flower Dubai

This pastel bloom flowers bouquet would be a perfect choice for a friend who loves pastel shade. The bouquet comes with a bunch of chrysanthemums in peach shade neatly wrapped in a beautiful bouquet wrapper. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe, and grande sizes for you to choose from. 

6. Adoring heartfelt bouquet

Adoring heartfelt bouquet - 800 Flower Dubai

If bright coloured flowers are what makes the birthday girl special, this adorning heartfelt bouquet is the right choice. This beautiful bouquet has an array of spray roses and lisianthus that offers a unique yet stunning look. The bouquet also comes with a standard message card where you can write down your personal message. 

7. Candylicious

Candylicious - 800 Flower Dubai

This is a mixed-coloured bouquet with an array of beautiful roses. The bouquet comes with yellow, pink, white, and lavender-coloured roses that make it look like a bunch of candies. This bouquet also comes with a standard message card to write your personal message.

8. Showstopper

Showstopper - 800 Flower

The showstopper is a purple-coloured bouquet with lavender roses and purple filler flowers. This bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes for you to choose from. The standard message card with the bouquet lets you pen down the birthday wishes. 


Flower bouquets are one of the best gifts you can provide on a birthday. There are several online flower shops that provide same-day flower delivery Dubai. Thus, even if you forget your best friend's birthday, you are rest assured that the gift will be delivered on time.

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