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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

How can I send a cake to someone in Dubai?

Online Cake and Flower Delivery in Dubai - Things to know

Online cake and flower delivery in Dubai has become quite popular nowadays. Increased digital transactions and the covid scenario have resulted in more people using online flower delivery platforms. Various facilities offered by these online shops like same-day delivery and midnight delivery have resulted in its increased popularity. 

You no longer need to visit a store to purchase flowers. The type of flower, its price and colour; everything can be decided online. Besides, you can also order accompaniments like cakes and cookies while ordering flowers.

What Are The Things To Know About Online Cake And Flower Delivery?

  • Variety of products

Are you someone who loves gifting flowers and cakes for every occasion? Then it is best to go for an online shop that offers different varieties of flowers and cakes. While you might want to gift red roses to your loved one, your choice might change to tulips or hydrangea when it comes to your friend. Similarly, the preference for cake might also be different for different persons. Thus, it is best to opt for a cake and flower delivery in Dubai, where variety is the essence.  


Besides offering a variety of flowers, a reputed online shop even provide information and tips about flower care.

  • Speed of delivery

Most online cake and flower delivery shops in Dubai have fixed delivery times. But you may need a speedy delivery of the gift. Sometimes, you might require a midnight delivery to surprise your dear one. You should check the delivery speed and time before finalising an online shop. 

  • Product for every occasion

If the online shop has products listed occasion-wise, it makes your purchase easy. E.g.; if you are looking for bridal bouquets and if the shop has a separate section for bridal flowers, it makes your task easy. 

  • User-friendliness

What makes an online shop successful is the ease of doing business. Can you filter the flowers and cakes as per your choice? Do they offer different payment options? Is it easy to pay and check out after purchase? These are a few of the things that you should consider. 

  • Customised order

Sometimes, the online shop may not have the flowers or cakes of your choice displayed in their portal. But they should be ready to customise the order as per your requirement. E.g. if you are looking for a number cake, the online shop should be able to customise it as per your preference. 

  • Price

The amount you spend on flower purchases may not be the same every time. If you are purchasing a flower for your dear one, it is more likely to be expensive than the one purchased for your colleague. The price includes not just the price of the flowers but also of any accompaniments like a vase, container or box. Thus, online shops should offer flower bouquets in different price ranges. 

  • Customer service

Customer service is the key to the success of any online shop. A good online cake and flower delivery in Dubai offers round-the-clock customer service. This helps track the orders and ensure that the customers get the delivery on time. 


There are several shops offering online cake and flower delivery in Dubai. Then how will you select the best shop? Online reviews come as a blessing. You should check various review sites and go through customer reviews. You can also seek the suggestion of your friends or colleagues who have made online flower purchases before. You can decide which online shop to opt for based on online reviews and feedback from your acquaintances. 


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