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How do I buy an orchid plant?

Where to buy orchid plants in Dubai? 

Orchids are one of the most exotic flowers you can use to adorn your home. The waxy tube-like structure, delicate petals, and unusual shape make this flower a unique piece. No wonder it is widely used for decorating the home!

Orchids are available in different varieties like dendrobium, phalaenopsis, vanda and oncidium. The care and maintenance of the plant vary depending on the type. While some bloom once every year, other varieties bloom multiple times yearly. 

Purchasing Orchid Plants in Dubai

Where to buy orchid plants in Dubai | 800 Flower

Buying orchid plants in Dubai is no mean feat. There are several flower store UAE that stocks up on these exotic flowers. You can pick it up from the physical store or order it online. Whether you want to purchase phalaenopsis or dendrobium, these flower shops offer the freshest flowers. 

For purchasing orchids, online ordering is much easy, as you can do so from the comfort of your home. The flower company Dubai will provide you with the freshest variety whichever way you purchase. 

However, there are certain things that you should consider while purchasing orchid plants. This ensures that you get the best plant. 

What Are The Things To Consider While Buying Orchids in Dubai?

  • Check the root

Roots are the most critical part of a plant; the same is true with orchids. Roots absorb water for plants which is crucial for photosynthesis. Before purchasing, you should make sure that the root is healthy. The healthy root of an orchid will be dark green when wet and light green when dry. If the root is white in colour, it shows that they are dead. It is best not to purchase orchids with white or tanned roots as it signifies that the plant is nearing its end. 

Since orchids are air plants, few of the roots should be exposed. This helps them to absorb water and nutrients. 

  • Check the leaves

The leaves of orchids vary depending on the type of plant. Generally, the leaves should be thick, hard and lightly coloured. They should be upright and arched outwards. If the leaves are too glossy, the plant is overfed. An overfed plant does not bloom properly. Besides the appearance, you should also check the leaves for any bugs or spots. Also, make sure that the growing point is not damaged. 

  • Check the blooms

It is the blooms that make the orchids attractive. If you want to enjoy a long-lasting bloom, purchasing a plant with unopened blooms is best. If you purchase a plant in full bloom, the flowers will wither off after some time. You should also avoid plants with shrivelled blooms as this will fall off in a short time. 

If you are purchasing an orchid for gifting, you should buy one with both fully opened blooms and unopened buds. This provides a beautiful look to the plant, which is crucial while gifting. 


It is always best to purchase an orchid labelled with its name so that you can provide specific care to it. Once you purchase an orchid and bring it home, ensure it starts in a gentle environment. It would help if you did not expose it to cold draft or sunlight as it can shock the plant. You can place it in an east or west-facing window for better survival. If the light is extreme, you should diffuse the same using a sheer curtain. 

Though orchids require humidity, you should not overwater them as they can kill the plant. You should let the plant dry out before watering it to prevent root rot and the resulting damage. Even if you forget to water regularly, the plant can survive. 

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