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Weekly special from the local florist

Weekly deal from the flower shop near me

The Flower Shop Near Me offers weekly deals for exotic flowers Dubai. Customers can purchase flowers Dubai at the most affordable rate from these deals. Whether you want to gift flowers Dubai for some special occasion or use it to decorate your home, the weekly deals are the best time to shop. 

Which are the best deals from the fresh flower shop near me?

Are you planning to gift beautiful flowers from the Fresh Flower Shop Near Me? Here are some exciting deals for you.


  • 20 lavender snapdragon


Lavender snapdragons are beautifully scented blooms that grow in a long stem. As the name suggests, the flowers are lavender in colour. The lavender snapdragon has an excellent vase life, and because of this, they are increasingly used for home decor. 


This is a bouquet of 20 lavender snapdragons that you can place in a tall vase on the sidetable. 

  • 20 white freesia


Freesias are perennial flowers that are known for their sweet scent. They are available in different colours like white, pink, purple and yellow. Freesias are a perfect choice if you are looking for long-lasting flowers from Fresh Flower Shop Near Me. 


This is a bouquet of 20 white colour freesias that make a perfect side table decor. 

  • 2 white cymbidium


Cymbidiums are luxury flowers in the orchid family that is native to Asia. They are available in different colours like white, yellow, pink and orange. Because of their long stem, cymbidiums make a perfect choice for tall vases.  


  • Ranunculus Elegance White And Pink Mix


Ranunculus are perennial species that look like a rose. The flower blooms in different colours like pink, white, yellow, red and orange. They make great Birthday flowers because of their close resemblance to roses. 


This beautiful bunch of ranunculus has white and pink flowers that make a perfect choice for table decor and gifting. 


  • 16 Apple Jack Duo Premium Roses


Looking for beautiful love flowers for your dear one from a fresh flower shop near me? These Apple Jack Duo premium roses are a perfect choice. These are dual-coloured roses with red and off-white shades that provide a unique touch to them. 


How to select the best flower bouquet shop near me?


Several flower shops offer beautiful flower bouquets. Then how will you select the best Flower Bouquet Shop Near Me? It would be best to consider certain things while selecting the best Flower Bouquet Shop Near Me. 


  • Review

The first thing to consider is the online review of the Flower Bouquet Shop Near Me. You should closely go through the reviews and select the shop with the best ones. You should also ensure that the shop has several reviews, as the chances of fake reviews in such cases are minimal. 

  • Price

Flower shops offer flowers in different price ranges. You should closely check the price of flowers and whether they are within your budget before finalising one. Some flower shops offer weekly and monthly flower deals that let you purchase flowers at an affordable rate. 


  • Availability of other products

Sometimes you feel like gifting indoor plants like bonsai along with exotic flowers like Orchids. In such a case, you should check whether the online store offers complementary products. 


Weekly deals are the best way to purchase flowers at an affordable rate. Through these deals, you get the most beautiful and exotic flowers but need to pay only very less when compared to the regular rate. 


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