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Celebrate EID with Flowers and Gifts

What is the most cost effective way to send flowers?

How to save money on flower delivery Dubai?

Flowers make the perfect gift for all occasions. However, most people tend to shy away from gifting flowers as they are considered expensive gifts. Since several alternative gifts are available in the market, those who are tight on a budget opt for them. 

But through careful planning and selection, you can save money on flower delivery Dubai. This way, you can gift the most vibrant blooms without spending a lot. 

  • Buy more quantity

Buying more bouquets from a flower shop reduces the cost per bouquet. Thus, if two of your friends are celebrating their birthday on near dates, you can purchase two bouquets, thereby saving on cost. Or you can purchase one bouquet for gifting and the other for your home decor, thereby saving some money. 

You also get a discount on bulk purchases by purchasing more bouquets from a flower shop near me

  • Go for seasonal flowers

Seasonal flowers are always less costly as they are available aplenty. This is because the supply of seasonal flowers will be more than the demand. As a result, the cost of flowers will be less. Purchasing a hydrangea bouquet in spring or a lily bouquet in summer helps you save money. 

  • Use deals and offers

Most flower shops offer deals and discounts on special occasions. You can make use of these deals to save money. The deal can either be a “buy one get one” offer or a discount. Some of the deals online flower shops offer are Christmas, Ramadan, and Easter deals. 

  • Preorder the flower

Preordering is another way to save on the cost. By preordering, the florist knows your order well ahead of time and does not have to make last-minute changes to cater to the order. On the other hand, if you order at the last moment, the flower shop might charge you more for express delivery. 

  • Make your own arrangement

Flower bouquets can be expensive when compared to cut flowers. To save on cost, you can purchase cut flowers and make your own floral arrangement. You need not be a creative person to arrange flowers. Browse online, and you will get a lot of inspiration for flower arrangements. The only thing you should ensure is to get fresh flowers so that it stays for a long. 

  • Avoid add-ons

Most florists offer add-ons like cakes, teddy bears or other accompaniments along with flower bouquets. E.g., cakes are the best add-on for birthday flowers. For valentine’s day gifting, teddy bears make an excellent add-on for flowers. Purchasing these add-ons can shoot up the overall cost. Thus, it is best to purchase the flowers separately than buying them in a combo. 

  • Purchase flowers before the D-day

This applies to bouquets for special occasions like mother’s day or friendship day. Flowers are likely to cost more on such special days. Thus, purchasing the flower a day or two before is a good idea. While purchasing flowers early, go for bouquets with unopened blooms. This way, the flowers will stay fresh for a long. 


One of the best ways to show love for a person is by gifting them flowers. If a flower bouquet is beyond your budget, you can purchase flowers and make a bouquet on your own. Alternatively, you can also use deals and offers to get the most exquisite flowers. Since flower shops in Dubai offer free delivery, you need not worry about the shipping cost. All you have to do is to place the order and wait for the “Thank You” message from your dear one. 


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