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How to take care of flowers in vase

How to take care of flower bouquet?

A flower bouquet makes a great addition to all occasions. Whether it is a flower bouquet for birthday gifting or wedding decor, they add a unique charm. The bright hue and sweet fragrance make a flower bouquet an excellent choice for all occasions. 

However, flower bouquets need special care to remain fresh. Without proper care, the flowers wither off within a few days. Thus, before purchasing flower bouquets, you should understand how to take care of them. 

If your flower bouquet comes wrapped in plastic, you should remove it as soon as you receive it. This provides more breathing space for the flowers. 

  • Light

Bright direct sunlight can kill the flowers in no time. Thus, you should keep it in a place away from direct sunlight. This applies to all bouquets, whether a rose bouquet, sunflower bouquet or lily bouquet. Similarly, you should also keep it away from a heat source and cold breeze, as well as fruits, as the ethylene gas can damage the flowers. 

If the flower is not fully open and you want to open it up naturally, you can use warm water. But you should never place cut flowers in direct sunlight for opening. 

  • Trim the stem 

Flowers absorb water through their stem. A few days after purchasing the bouquet, you should cut the stem at a 45-degree angle about one inch away from the bottom. This fresh cut at an angle provides more surface area for the stem to absorb water. This helps the flower stay fresh for a long. Make sure that you use a sharp knife for cutting. Avoid scissors as much as possible, as they can crush the stem. Crushed stems can restrict water intake and let microbes enter it. 

  • Provide flower food

Flower food can keep flowers fresh for a long. You can purchase flower food from flower shops or prepare it at home. For preparing flower food, mix two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of sugar and ½ teaspoon of bleach in water. While sugar provides food to the plant, the citric acid in lemon juice helps keep the stems open. The role of bleach is to clear water off any fungi or bacteria.  

  • Change water regularly 

Water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Thus, you should change the water regularly. If there are any leaves in the water, you should remove that as well, as they can decay and contaminate the water. Moreover, decayed foliage encourages microbial growth and can clog the stem and contaminate the water. 

  • Use a clean vase

The vase in which you keep the flower bouquet should be neat and clean. You should clean it thoroughly with soap and water. Also, make sure to remove all traces of soap from the vase. It is best to use a clear glass vase as the interior is clearly visible. 

  • Change old flowers

Once the blooms wither off, you should pull them out from the bunch. This helps other flowers stay fresh. Moreover, old flowers can contaminate water and cause the breeding of bacteria. As the flower size shrinks, you can place it in a smaller vase. 


Whether you are purchasing a flower for wedding bouquet or home decor, it is essential to take good care of it. You should change the water regularly and cut the stems at an angle so that the stem remains hydrated. Also, remember to clean the vase regularly to prevent microbial growth. Flower food helps keep the flowers fresh and vibrant for a long. 

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