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What is the importance of flower shop?

Why should you purchase from local flower shop Dubai?

With online businesses gaining momentum, people have now started purchasing plants and flowers from far-off places. Ease of placing the order and quick delivery are some reasons behind this. Moreover, you can purchase exotic flowers that are not readily available in your locality. 

However, if you are like me, who purchases flowers regularly, it is not economical to purchase them from far-off places. Therefore, I purchase flowers from a flower shop near me. Besides, I can procure the freshest flowers while purchasing from local flower shops in Dubai. 

Why Should You Purchase From Local Flower Shop Dubai?

  • Flowers are healthier

Flowers that are purchased from local shops are much healthier. This is because these flowers need to cover less distance from the farm to the nursery. Unlike flowers from far-off places, these flowers need not be loaded on the truck and refrigerated for long to stay fresh. 

Sometimes, if there is too much temperature variation between the two places, it can shock the flower. This will result in the flower withering off fast. 

  • Flowers are cheaper

Sourcing from local stores makes the flowers less expensive. This is because the cost of shipping can be saved when the flowers are purchased locally. Moreover, there are no middlemen when you purchase the flowers directly from the far. This is not the case with flowers sourced from faraway places where the intermediaries play a key role. 

Thus, when the florist procures flowers at a lower rate, they can pass on the benefit to the customers. 

  • Purchasing local flowers is more sustainable.

Carbon footprint can be reduced to a great extent when you purchase locally. This is because you need not ship the flowers from a far-off place. Moreover, when you procure flowers from a different place, there is a chance for pests and insects to be introduced to the local environment. This can affect other native flowers and plants.

  • Easy to customise

A local florist knows the neighbourhood and the customers they are dealing with. When you purchase from a local flower shop in Dubai, you visit the shop and clearly explain your requirement to the florist. The florist can then design the flower arrangement based on your requirement. Though it is possible to get the flowers customised from a faraway shop, most times you may not get what you want. 

  • Fast delivery

Local flower shops are the best choice if you are in a hurry and want the flower bouquet delivered fast. You can even visit the shop and pick whichever arrangement you want. Purchasing from a flower shop that is far away from your place can result in a delay in delivery. Fast flower delivery Dubai ensures that the bloom remains fresh for long without withering off. 

  • Support local business

By purchasing from a local shop, you are supporting a local business. This can help the community and the economy at large. A local flower shop sources flowers from nearby farms, helping the local farmers. Their savings go to a local bank, thereby boosting the economy. The florist uses accessories sold by a local trader for flower bouquets, thus contributing to their income. 


Purchasing from a local flower shop is the best way to source flowers. By doing so, you not only get fresh blooms but also saves a lot on shipping and handling charges. You can easily customise the flower arrangement as per your choice.  The delivery is also fast as it is done locally. To source fresh flowers locally in Dubai, visit

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